Khanyi Mbau To Host A New Talkshow

Khanyi Mbau, previously a hot booking for the local TV talk show circuit as a guest, will now turn the tables and sit on the other side when she presents a weekly entertainment talk show on eKasi+ similar to Nicky Greenwall's Screen Time with Nicky Greenwall on

eKasi+ is one of the four new TV channels including eToonz+, eMovies+ and eAfrica+ which will launch on Platco Digital's OpenView HD platform in October.

No official information has been put forward by Etv yet.

One would have thought that with the new channels Etv would be looking at introducing new talent but it would appear that the channel wants to play it safe and go with the tried and tested. 
Whether audiences will be susceptible to this still remains to be seen given the constant complains from viewers that they are tired of seeing the same people on their screens all the time. 
I have to admit that I am not crazy about celebrities hosting entertainment shows and interviewing celebrities. Let's face it Mbau is a newsmaker herself. Can you imagine Julius Malema hosting a show like 3rd Degree?!

In my opinion I just think our industry is too small to have the same people keep rotating from one show to the next. It would not be a surprise to see Khanyi interviewing Boity, Bonang, Minnie, AKA, Dineo Ranaka, etc.

As someone who is in the same circles with these stars would she able to ask them the uncomfortable questions about their careers when she herself is in the same boat as them. Would she be able to have Dineo on her show and have a frank conversation with her about her relationships turmoils and career mishaps?

Or are we in for another show where they bring celebrities to just sit there and tell each other how great they are. We already have reality shows with celebrities. Right now as audiences we need shows that will create fresh content and speak to our interests as viewers.

We already have The Link, Selimathunzi, VEntertainment, etc which are shows that basically run the same interviews with the same personalities presented by the same personalities. See an event coverage on one show, you have seen all the others!!

This industry is too diverse and can be bigger than just 20 people that our media have decided to only focus on. There is immense new talent already in the business and some out there who need the attention to showcase the diversity of our industry.

It would be interesting to see how the show manages to provide content that is reflective of the industry and not just a space for Khanyi and her friends to laud their fame.

That said, congrats to Khanyi. This is another milestone in her career. Given her strides in this business, this will only serve as another inspiration for her her fans. 

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