Metro FM Won't Play Taxidriver's Song

It is Thursday and you guys know that I have dedicated this day of the week to some inspiration form other fellow #DreamChasers. I am not really that into this Open Letter craze. Some are just plain vindictive, others are attention seeking but occasionally you get that one that just tucks at your heart. One such is the Open Letter to Metro FM by an up-and-coming musician called Taxidriver Sipho. 

It reads;
Dear MetroFM
I told myself that I will never make open letters again because they make people catch High Blood. But today I fill forced to write it because of the soreness of my heart toward MetroFM. Is with broken heart and sorrowfulness to write this letter to you. I submitted my song to MetroFM to ask you to play it but I received a letter which say my song does not meet the “what what” requirement. Maybe MetroFM think my song is the Gimic that’s why they don’t want to play it, but that song of Good Enuf Sithole is always playing inside MetroFM. 
I remember one morning Unathi waked me up on 7 in the morning because she wanted to make the interview with me to intertain her listeners. I was so tired that morning but for a sake of MetroFM and her listeners I waked up to make that interview. But today they can’t even play my song inside Never Hear Before. My followers, which are also listeners of MetroFM asked so many time to MetroFM that they want to hear my song…But who ever is driving MetroFM twitter account did not bother to answer them. When I did that song I thought Metro will be a first radio station to play it becos of a love I showed them. But my song passed Auckland Park and went to Bloemfontein to be played there first. Is fine!! I still love you MetroFM and Unathi and I will not take your Show to the Taxi Comittee before I can play it inside my taxi. My last question is… it is about The Music Committee or it is about the listeners?? 
Yours In Deep Sorrow, Sipho
I was alerted to this statement by one of my Facebook friends. While I do not even know who this Taxidriver is nor have I ever heard any of his music, --upon reading the comments on his statement -- it would appear that the guy made quite an impression when he was on Metro with Unathi.

His fans had this to say;
Hope Van Resburg Skhosana: I'm Deeply touched by Sipho's open letter to MetroFm. I'm sipho's biggest fan please can you play his music.
Felleng Fifi Mantshongo;  haaai I am also hurt bab'Sipho. I feel ur pain and if any of the metrofm drivers are seeing this post and my comment, pls tswe tswe play bab'Sipho's song inside ur radio, I am a fan of him n I love himn his music n I think its only fair for him to be given a chance. pls nje do us all the fans of him a fava n play the song of him cos it will make u jaive as well.. pls assomblief.. don't push him to a point where he will include the other inkabis from the taxi rank. pls shem
Kutlwano Machitje: and I remember that interview wena Sipho. And you even told Unathi that "Rome was not build inside of one day" I fell in love with you from that day forth. *smh* I don't like what MetroFM is doing to you, is disappoints me weitsi:-(
I am not privy to all the details about this incident or the guy's connection to Metro but as a #DreamChaser it is sad to see someone trying so hard to get an opportunity to be noticed, especially when he already has the support of the public that know about him, and he is been shut out.

Not to defend Unathi or anything like that, but it is important that I point out the fact that, though DJs have some influence on who gets played on their show, they certainly are not the deciding party on the show's playlist. 

Unathi may have given the guy an impression that Metro would playlist his song but she does not have the final say on the matter. Perhaps she tried and was told NO so give the woman a break. 

That said, I chose this guy to be our Inspirational Thursday Rising Star because he epitomizes what being a #DreamChaser is all about. You push hard. You keep knocking on doors, many of which will be shut on your face, until someone opens a window.  

While some of his subsequent statements on his Facebook page were sad, I love that the guy is taking his failure in his stride and still wants to continue chasing his dream. 

Atleast he got a response, some people who submit songs to radio stations never get a reply.  

Good luck to Sipho and I personally wish him all the best in his quest to make his dream a reality.

He is on Twitter:  

Join me again next week when I introduce yet another inspirational star on the rise.

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