Mo Love For A Second Season

We all know that there is nothing real about reality TV. The Kardashians shoot their Christmas episode in September and Samkelo Ndlovu had a fake break up with Thomas Gumede on Forever Young  and do not get me started on Flychix. For all the fake-reality we have on tv, one show stands above them all with some authenticity that is both entertaining and heartwarming -- that show is Mo Love, which aired its first season on Vuzu last year. And now its back ...

We were inundated with celebrity reality show last year. Many did not live up to expectations but comedian Tall Ass Mo and his Mome proved that some people can be interesting and entertaining without having to resort to vulgarity or fake plots to create drama.

South Africa's most endearing tv couple is back. As with the first season the second installment of Mo-Love will focus on the relationship between well-known comedian, Tol Ass Mo and his future wife Mome Nale.

For those of you who are not familiar with the show, the premise is simple;
At the centre of the Mo-Love is Tol Ass Mo, one of the new generation comedians who has won the hearts and minds of South Africans with his signature brand of comedy, securing his position as an integral part of the South African entertainment industry. Then there’s Mo’s other half Mome Nale – a Johannesburg based fashionista and trend-setter, responsible for many urban street campaigns and with strong opinions and ambitions of her own.

How the dynamics of this relationship plays out is complicated by the fact that Mo owes his look and style to Mome’s fashion sense. In short, she is the backbone of Mo's career and lifestyle. But Mome has aspirations to be a major player in the local entertainment industry, with her goals set on being a DJ and an actor.
Beside just giving the premise for the Series the press release does not say much about the specifics of what Season 2 will entail. I am not complaining though, the surprise just adds to the charm of this gem of a show. I would watch TAM and his better half wash dishes and I certain I would be entertained. 

Let's face it, the guy is hilarious and has a knack for playing the guy you wanna hate or think is stupid but you just can not help but love him. Lest we forget his incredible comedic timing.

Mome on the other hand brings that seemingly bimbo but savvy element to the show. You are quick to judge her as just a sidekick but the more you watch the show you realise that she is the glue that keeps this whole machine together. Without Mome, Tol Ass Mo is just another loud mouth guy but with her in the picture you see that this is well packaged brand. 

I named the show and its stars one of my 2012 Breakout Stars and I am very excited to see what season 2 delivers.

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