Step Up Or Step Out Wraps Up Its Season 3

It’s the moment everyone has been waiting for – the epic live finale of Mzansi’s most-loved street dance reality show, Step Up Or Step Out is happening on  Sunday 15 September. The top three are ready to strut their talent on the Step Up Or Step Out stage to vie for the most coveted title of  being Season 3's best dance group and the cash prize of R70 000!

The cream of the crop - Cyber-Links from Durban, De Javu from Port Elizabeth and Snap, Crackle & Pop from Cape Town, have outperformed hundreds of other hopefuls through the auditions phase, sweat week and ultimately the weekly studio dance challenges.

On the day of the live finale, viewers will experience the very best of South African street dance culture as the groups will challenge themselves on the dance floor with South African themes. The groups will have to articulate two themes – My Heritage and My City - through their choreography.
The Top Three Crews (In detail) Are;

CYBER-LINKS from Durban
Genre: Hip Hop New School

Christopher Leigh Canham (21)
Matthew Sonke Chonco (23)
Justin Tyron Ogle (22)
Bevin Leeche Wigbere Druchen (23)
Dane Nochaniel Smith (22)

Cyber-Links started in the corridors of Newlands East Secondary, where the five members were schooled. Years later, their dream of dancing on national TV came true when they were chosen as one of this season’s top ten groups.

Cyber-Links say their dance moves are inspired by everyday objects such as motorbikes, computers and robots. They regard Somizi as an inspiration and would like to share the stage with group, Jabbawockeez, because they started at the bottom and now have made a name for themselves.

SNAP, CRACKLE & POP from Cape Town
Genre: Variety of street dances such as popping, locking, house dance, hip hop (old school and new school) mainly krump.

• Terry Sauls (23)
• Yakin Anand (21)
• Ronald Joseph Sasman (23)

SNAP, CRACKLE & POP, the only Cape Town group in the top ten this year, is also the group with some formal training in b-boy, African Contemporary, Traditional African dance and Modern Jazz.

The three members have known each other for nearly five years, and they have found a kinship through krump, breaking, popping, locking and new style. The group says their strengths lie in their ability to move from intricate

choreography to groovy movements and if needed, explosive styles and stunts that creates an almost perfect balance. But they have challenges with finding a practising venue, so they often practise in the streets and use the mirrors of stationed vehicles to watch themselves. And when they are not training, they give back to the community by teaching kids what they have been taught in dance.

DE JAVU from Port Elizabeth
Genre: Hip Hop

• Meryl Angelique Stanley (23)
• Eben Johndry Dirkse (22)
• Cheslyn Lucan Meyer (24)
• Erin Nicole Cupido (19)

De Javu believes their creativity and dexterity to perform various stunts, puts them above the rest. The group was launched six years ago with three girls. The other members joined later when they met at the groups’ dance academy. Their dream is to share a stage with Janet Jackson because she is a great dancer, Request dance crew because they are a great inspiration to women, and Ciara because she is a youth developer and inspires dancers. When they are not practicing or researching, the team likes to twerk just for fun.

Viewers have a chance to vote for the group they think should walk off with the crown by way of voting.

Voting lines open directly after episode 12 at 7pm on Sunday, 8 September and close at 12 noon on Sunday, 15 September, the day of the finale.

SMS SUOSO and the name of your favourite crew to 45640. SMS costs R1.50 and Ts & Cs apply. Free Minutes do not apply.

Catch the LIVE FINALE of Step Up Or Step Out this Sunday on Etv at 18h05

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