Why Is Kerry Washington's Show Scandal Called The Fixer In South Africa?

You have probably tried to google The Fixer and and wondered why all the hits you get associated with Kerry Washington's show leads you to Scandal. Well, The Fixer is called Scandal everywhere except in South Africa. Reason for that is; when Mnet originally bought the show they planned to play it at the same time as a local show of the same name which plays on a South African channel ETV.

M-Net acquired the broadcasting rights to Scandal, the drama series from Shonda Rhimes, the creator/writer and executive producer of Grey's Anatomy, in 2012. 

The show as "Scandal" was allocated to M-Net Series to start on 19th September, and in the timeslot of 19:30. Unfortunately that's when e.tv's weekday soap Scandal! is on ... at the exact same time.

For obvious reasons, like not wanting to confuse viewers, M-Net changed the name of the American drama series Scandal to The Fixer.

The show's airing date was pulled back and never aired on the unofficially reported September date.  

Scandal now renamed The Fixer with Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope debuted on  M-Net (DStv 101) on Tuesday 6 November at 20:30.

I suppose even though the timeslot were not the same the channel just decided to stick to the name change. Probably for the same reasons anyway. 

Side Info: Actress Gabrielle Union (right on the above pic) auditioned for the role of Olivia alongside Kerry Washington. The show has become a huge success and earned Washington a primetime Emmy nomination in 2013


Unknown said...

Thanks so much. i was actually a bit confused!!!

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up because when I saw the trailer for scandal on sabc3 today and saw it was titled the fixer. I was confused!

Unknown said...

Thanks. That was very helpful. I think they actually succeeded in making it more complicated than it would've been, had they just put out a statement saying there was an American series coming with the same name as a SA soap. Alternatively they should've just renamed it 'The Scandal Fixer'. That would've differentiated it from the soap 'Scandal' without deviating to much from the original title. Cheers. Robbie.

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