Yes It Is Another Rant About Our Entertainment Industry

Lord knows I love this industry so much. Sometimes my heart just sinks when I see decisions that are blatantly ill-conceived just take precedence over common sense and a prospect for a better future for our  industry.

I know I am singing the same old song but if I still have a platform and a voice to lament, I will do so. Somebody ought to since nobody seems to care about what the viewers and audience have to say anyway.

It is disheartening to see this travesty continue with no end in sight. Just when you think the future looks promising, the madness prevails.

Seriously, how do these people sit in their offices with their overpaid titles and make such ridiculous decisions without any thought of how this will impact their legacies in this business.   

Take this recent nonsense for instance; 

- New channels are introduced in the country for local content but it is nothing to be excited about because those channels are filled with the same people that you are tired of from SABC and Etv.

There is no excuse for not bringing in new talent. The argument that new faces might not deliver as experienced by ANN7 is a cop-out because we have seen talent search shows hosted by these other channels. From those talent search shows the nations got to see that there are plenty of young aspiring presenters and actors out there that would do a great job if given a chance.
As someone who is privy to a lot of information about this industry, one can not help but just sit in dismay and wonder what the hell is going on. Do these people even care about the fact that they are killing this industry?

We complain that South African audiences give more credence and respect to foreign stars than our own but we forget that our executives blatantly treat our audiences as fools. How then do we expect them to respect our stars and industry when we can't be bothered to do the same?

This is why a D-list has-been American star will get the full VIP treatment in this country over our own A-List stars. Hell even Nigerian stars are fast getting that card in SA. 

Our viewers deserve better! Let us respect them and stop treating them like idiots then they will pay us with their support.

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