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First there was the furor of reality show, where every week you had a press release or statement about some celeb working on a reality show. Many only had one season, if there were ever picked up, and a lot never materialized. Now there is a new craze, AWARDS. I am not complaining though, because any effort to honor talent and hard-work in this industry is a good thing. Just in; entertainment blog Just Curious has joined the trend and is launching its own awards. 

According to a press release issued yesterday, JUST CURIOUS (an online entertainment blog www.justcurious.co.za ) is delighted to announce its first ever JUST CURIOUS AWARDS 2013, dubbed the JC Awards 13’ set to take place on Sunday, 8th December at an up-market venue in Johannesburg.

The awards are hosted for the first time as a celebration of the blog’s 4th Birthday, as well as to honour the funny and organic moments that have kept the Just Curious online visitors entertained in the past year. The Just Curious Awards include various categories recognizing the awkward, funny and flirtatious moments of the year.

“The JC Awards are all about fun and they are by the people, because the public nominates and they also get to vote for the winners. We’re really just adding a creative way to reflect and look back at the year we’ve had in entertainment, so the awards will look at the stories that shocked us; made us laugh, cry and go TJO!

We are also using this opportunity to thank those who reported on these stories. We’re encouraging the TV producers to keep coming up with great content, the magazines/tabloids to give us even better stories and we’re saying to our celebs: keep embracing social media, look good on the red carpet, and last but not least… We see you!”
says Lelo Boyana, Just Curious Creative Director and Founder.
JUST CURIOUS kicked off the campaign on Monday, 21 October by announcing the Awards on the blog, as well as inviting the fans to submit their nominations for their favourite categories. This will culminate into a final nominee’s announcement in early November, which will then be proceeded by the JC Awards 13 event on Sunday 8TH December 2013.
“Because we know the meaning and definition of the word “Exclusive,” we can confidently say that these awards are nothing like you’ve ever seen before. These categories exclusively belong to JUST CURIOUS and resonate with the JUST CURIOUS users,” adds Boyana.
The 2013 Just Curious Entertainment Awards Categories are:
  • The TJO Moment Of The Year ( Scandal of the year) - The 2013 story that shocked us all
  • JC Blogga Of The Year – Awarded to a loyal Just Curious reader whose blog commentary we always look forward to.
  • Catfight Of The Year – The celebrity catfight that got us talking in 2013.
  • Best Celebrity News Coverage In 2013 – Awarded to a media platform that gave us the best celebrity news in 2013 ( a magazine/blog/newspaper/TV channel/ TV/Radio show EXCLUDING Just Curious))
  • Worst Kept Celebrity Secret of 2013 – The worst kept secret in celebrity circles.
  • Best Celeb On Social Media – Awarded to a celebrity who has embraced Social Media & is a great example of how we love our celebrities online.
  • Best Red Carpet Look of 2013 – The hottest red carpet look from 2013
  • Best TV Show/ Storyline - This story/show had us glued to our screens this year.
  • Newsmaker Of The year – We’ve talked about this person all year round.
  • You Were Robbed Award – Awarded to an individual/s who was snubbed for an award they deserved, a sports team that lost a game they should’ve won or a reality star who lost a competition they should’ve won.
  • That Was Not Worth A Headline Award - A tabloid story that was not worth the paper it was printed on.
  • 2013′s Worst TV Show / Storyline – This show/storyline had us going “What were those writers thinking?
  • Best SA Magazine Cover Of The Year – Awarded to a magazine with the best cover in 2013. No clutter, just class & entertainment.
  • Just Curious Celebrity Of The Year – Chosen by the Just Curious Team, this award recognises one person who embodies what stardom is. This person contributed to making 2013 an interesting year in celebrity culture.
  • MOST UNDERRATED TALENT – This is awarded to a musician/actor/presenter to any artist/brand you think is brilliant not getting the recognition they deserve from the industry.
Fans are encouraged to submit their nominations per category to nominations@justucurious.co.za by no later than 31 October 2013 and this is the only way to submit nominations. There is no limit to the number of nominees that can be submitted per category, but only one submission per email address and only South African entertainers/platforms can be nominated. 

The nominations and voting processes will be overseen by a small team consisting of Just Curious Contributors, readers selected by our vocal community and entertainment writers.

Final Nominees Announcement – 9 November 2013 I Just Curious Awards – 8 December 2013

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