Feather Awards Get Some Lichaba Diamond Bling

The Feather Awards are almost upon us and this year the team behind these glamorous event have upped the ante. To add some more glamour and refinement to the brand, The Feather Awards have partnered with Lichaba Creations to bling things up. 

This Thursday at the media announcement of the Feather Awards nominees, the awards' creator Thami Dish also announced that a new partner has come on board. That partner is a jewellery company called Lichaba Creations. 

Lichaba Creations' involvement in the event is to create the new statuette for the awards and literally add some bling to it. 

The new statuette is fitted with a real "under carat" diamond. Yep, the winners at the event on the 14th November will be walking away with some real bling. 

This comes as a great celebratory growth for these awards that are celebrating their fifth year this year. Needless to say the brand has grown in bounds and an association with some real bling only adds to the aspirational glamour that the awards represent. 

I spoke to Head of Marketing at Lichaba Creations, Andile Dlamini, who could have just as easily been one of the nominees for Hunk of The Year, about this partnership.

What does your company do exactly?
Lichaba Creations specialises in costume & customised Jewellery, Gold & Diamond exchange and have a CSI initiative called Lichaba Foundation.

Why did your company decide to get involved in these Awards?
Lichaba Creations involvement with Feather Awards is purely to add value in the statuette by adding a Diamonds under a carat in 14 statuette for 14 categories and an extra one statuette dedicated to the Feather awards for an amazing work.
We applaud The Feather Awards for a great initiative that has pushed boundaries and challenged stereotypical thinking.
We celebrate together with The Feather Awards, may the best feathers win in their respective categories.

Congratulations to The Feather Awards team for this new partnership with Lichaba Creations.

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