Five Reasons I Have Given Rhythm City A Break

Whenever I am asked which of our Soapies is my favorite I always say Rhythm City. I love the show because its writers have never been confused about who their viewers are like you see with these other soapies. Of late though, the writers seem to have run out of steam and the cracks in the show are beginning to show. 

I have now found myself not caring if I miss an episode of the show. Here are five reason why?

  • 5. Pam Andrews Is Not A Dramatic Actress

I know some would even argue that Pam is not an actress to begin with, let alone a dramatic one,  but I think Ms Andrews can deliver. Gail is a filler on the show. She is a character like Queen on generations. They are just there to fill scenes in between the real plot. Don't go and try to play with that by pretending that they are anything but. Gail's plot with Naomi made me cringe because Pam opposite Moshidi looks like an amateur. poor thing, she tried -- to my surprise but she just was not believable, for me. She just can not crack drama!

  • 4. Enough With Naomi Now

We all love Moshidi and her brilliant portrayal of Naomi, but something is funny and interesting when it is unexpected. Naomi has become too predictable and redundant. How many crimes can one person get away with, in such a blatant way. Either the justice system in Rhythm City world is seriously incompetent or Naomi is a super-being that is above the law. Unfortunately, audiences like characters to be punished for their crimes or they stop connecting. 
  • 3. Is KB Still There?

Lawd knows I love KB for the sweet person she is but I can not stand her on Rhythm City. There is just something annoying about Lucilla. Unfortunately she is a lead so most of the characters on the show have to interact with her at some point. That means more scenes that my patience is able to accommodate.

  • 2. Let Nokuthula Ledwaba Grow

Can somebody please release Tshidi from the chains of suppression by the writers? Yerrr... you would think the character would have grown into somebody more formidable by now but NO. The actress and her character are loved by the viewers, why are the writers not capitalising on that and add some character growth. Ms Ledwaba is a solid actress who is versatile enough to tap into different emotions and situations, use that. Get Tshidi away from his parents and let her grow. 

  • 1. Bringing Sexy Back
Ok, I know this might not sit well with some people but let us be honest; we watch TV shows not just for the storyline but for a fantasy. Part of that fantasy is falling for someone on the show. Sex sells. Rhythm City is not sexy anymore. For a youth show, that is rather disappointing. DO NOT get me wrong, I am not saying actors should take their clothes off or anything like that. I mean sexy in sense that we need sexy actors on the show to drool over.  The show is too serious. 

I know it would not be fair to compare Rhythm City to Scandal but as sister shows, the folks at Rhythm City should learn from Scandal about the power of revamping. The show needs a makeover quickly. The producers should come up with something exciting and fresh. 

On the other hand they should also work on promoting the show. Why am I not seeing RC stars on covers of mags. Why am I not seeing RC stars on talkshows? What are the PR people on the show doing? 

Do not wait for magazines to call and request an interview or cover. Publicists should be out there getting these stars covers and appearances on radio and television talkshows. 

Rhythm City cast is young. They should be like Dawson's Creek stars in the 90s. Create some excitement around the show and perhaps that will translate on screen or inspire some new character and script development.

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