Lunga And Maps Face Off To Be Joop Homme Brand Ambassador

The guys are finally getting onto the endorsement bandwagon. Joop! Homme is on a quest to find The Ultimate South African Joop! Homme Brand Ambassador – someone who is self-confident, playfully witty and of course has a physique that will make the women go weak at the knees. Yeah that's what the brand says ...

After much deliberation, they have narrowed it down to two contestants – models, presenters and all round hot boys Lunga Shabalala and Maps Maponyane – who will be battling it out over the next few weeks in the hopes of being named The Ultimate Joop! Man and becoming the official Joop! Homme Ambassador!
Both guys will be embarking on weekly, adrenaline-fuelled challenges, where they will go face to face in an attempt to see who the Ultimate Man really is. 
Thoughts on the candidates ...

Lunga: The is no denying that Lunga is a good looking guy. When he burst onto the scene he was the ultimate nice guy that everyone was rooting for. Unfortunately that has changed and a lot of people who would have easily put Lunga's name at the top of their lists would possibly pause for a second now if you asked them about him. 

Another factor working against him is the fact that his brand is too aligned to the SABC 1 brand. Can he stand on his own without SABC, let alone have a career beyond Selimathunzi? That still remains to be seen. It is not enough to just be the good looking guy with a six pec, at some point people need to connect with you beyond the looks. 

But, Lungs has the numbers so that could be his trump card. Whether those numbers are the cash spending clientele is subjective though. 

Maps: He is definitely the new guy on the block with a lot to prove. He also has the looks. Unfortunately not a lot of people know who he is yet which is not entirely a bad thing because he could grow with the brand.The interest from fans to get to know him could be an advantage to Joop is he is "the Joop Guy".

The fact that Maps is an all round industry guy, his resume' is impressive even though he is only getting recognition now, gives him a tad advantage as well. He appeals to a wider audience and clientele. He is not just an SABC personality but an industry personality.

Can Maps really pull in the numbers? He is a risk. His trump card is pulling in the right numbers not just numbers who ogle but can not buy.

You decide ...

Tune in to see the video footage of these guys performing manly stunts such as bungee jumping, go-kart racing and fitness challenges, and decide who you think deserves to win…

Vote for your favourite contestant, whether it’s Lunga or Maps, and make sure that you have your say in who gets crowned the Ultimate South African Joop! Man. 

  •  For Lunga Shabalala, SMS "LUNGA" to 45205

  • For Maps Maponyane, SMS "MAPS" to 45205
The winner will be chosen on the 21st of November 2013!

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