Toddlers And Tiaras CANCELLED

Got a confession to make. Toddlers & Tiaras is one of my guilty pleasures. Anyone who has DSTV knows that even with its over 50 channels, sometimes it can be very boring during the day so I end up having to watch T&T. Now word is,  the glitzy dresses, the fake eyelashes and the spray tan are no more -- as the latest reports States-side claim that the show is over.

According to RadarOnline, the hit reality show that made Honey Boo Boo a household name is not coming back for another controversial season of tears, tantrums and go-go juice at TLC, their multiple productions sources have confirmed.
“After six series, the show has been officially taken out of production,” one insider revealed.

“Was it pressure from distractors? No-one is saying, at least, not yet. They aren’t using the word ‘cancelled,’ but I can tell you that the show is over.”
A representative from TLC, which airs the show, wouldn't confirm the cancellation. “Nothing has been decided at this time, we are just not currently casting at the moment," a spokesperson told the gossip site.

The last episode “History of America Pageant” will air on October 16 in  the US. 
In Mzansi though, you can still catch the show on DSTV's TLC (channel 172)

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