Aaron Moloisi Becomes South Africa's Highest Rated TV Personality

Hard to believe that a guy who rarely makes the covers or the A-list pages of our media outlets is actually watched by over six million more tv viewers than these so called "It girls" our media laud. Limpopo-born Moloisi might not have the star power but he definitely has the numbers. 

With the debut of Rize Mzansi on Tuesday evening on SABC1, Moloisi became the number one most watched television personality in South Africa.

Moloisi was already in two shows that were pulling in good numbers. 

After 9 has managed to pull over 3.5 to 4.8 million viewers during its second season. Yes, the gay drama was a critical flop, production quality and the plot is laughable but viewers watch. 

Moloisi is also a co-presenter on another SABC1 show, Shift. The day time talkshow pulls a decent number of viewers as well. 

Now with Rize Mzansi, Moloisi is on three shows, as a lead actor on one and a presenter on the other two ... all of which are on SABC1 - the number 1 channel in Mzansi, so obviously that helped boost his numbers. 

Unfortunately, we live in a country where it is not your talent or your viewers pull that makes you a superstar. Your groupies in the media make you a star and the gullible South African buy into that. 

With that, Moloisi might be attracting millions of viewers with his shows but the media will not give him the credit he deserves so that he can make that money. In the States, this guy would be pulling in multi-million dollar endorsement and paycheques.

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