Bonang Matheba The Millionaire

I haven't been on Twitter in a few days so I nearly missed this, our girl B* is a millionaire -- a digital millionaire that is, not that her bank account can not compare. With over 500 000 Twitter followers and 500 000+ Facebook fans, she reigns supreme over all in this game and I could not be happier and prouder for my girl. 

This earns her the title of being the biggest digital influencer in South Africa. I do not know what that means in terms of tangible impact but you can bet it will push her earnings up a notch.

This comes as no surprise because B* has been a millionaire of hearts for the past 5 years. Millions of young South Africans love, admire and want to be Bonang Matheba but she remains inimitable and wears that with  honour and grace. 

Her success revolutionised an industry that was all about fame with no substance or real financial success. 

Hers is a life story made for the history books.

For this accolade in her illustrious career, Bonang just wrote to her fans: 
"500k followers on Twitter... 500k members on my Facebook Fanpage!! 1 million strong.. Let's throw a party!!"

The Queen of industry firsts continues to inspire !!

Congratulations to B*.

Masego le mathlogonolo. Ba bontshe Bonang, gore bonolo, boikobo le bopelotelele bo tlisa tswelopele le dineo.


SenzoM said...

We Love B *BowDown*

Unknown said...

She's a true definition of a celebrity role model... I adore her

Unknown said...

QB**** u set trends that inspire the world, i love u n u my inspiration from maslf Qt <3 <3

Unknown said...

I have to agree with all that has been mentioned here. Bonang is something else. I am still trying to come up with a word that would better expalin her highness, since I couldn't find it in a dictionary. The lady is just on point. I Bonang Museum would attract a lot of people. The Bonang song is already doing it.

Unknown said...

I truly love her! She's an inspiration to all :)

Unknown said...

I truly love her! She's an inspiration to all :)

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