Class Act Movie Picked Up By Hollywood

It has taken three years since Sdumo Mtshali won the first season of the acting talent search show, Class Act, but finally the movie that was part of his winning prize is finally done and attracting Hollywood attention. The film, iNumber Number, with Mtshali in the lead is a high-octane local heist thriller about an honest cop turned crook.

iNumber Number has now become the first South African film to be picked up for a Hollywood remake. It will be remade from scratch for the international market through Universal Pictures by the creators of the hugely popular Fast & Furious franchise, Chris Morgan and Emile Gladstone.

Though iNumber Number was originally only intended as a launch pad for lead actor Sdumo Mtshali, who won Quizzical’s reality show, Class Act this leatest development means when the movie gets remade the American studios will recast the roles thus giving it a mass appeal worldwide.

That means a box office draw card star in Hollywood will replace Mtshali. 

The current film was shot in Joburg and Soweto, but when it is remade, it will be set in Detroit

iNumber Number, with the South African cast,  has also been picked up for distribution by Wrekin Hill Entertainment in Los Angeles.

This means the film will open in cinemas across the US next year.

iNumber Number, starring Sdumo Mtshali and Presely Chweneyagae, had its world premiere in Toronto on Sept. 12, 2013 and is scheduled for a big release in South Africa in March 2014.

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