Isidingo's Head Writer QUITS

Just in: Barely six months as the SABC3 soapie Isidingo's Head Writer, Liam J. Stratton has left the show. In a rather funny email that I received from Stratton, the writer outlines his achievements at the show as the head writer and sort of explains why he left without giving any specific details. 

 One thing though, judging from the email,  Liam is a special human being and a brilliant writer.
"So aside from telling you I have left, I want to thank you for making my time there worthwhile. The Isidingo fans are harsh. Hard to please. But in being so are brilliant, please don’t change and don’t stop supporting the show." says Stratton
Stratton is not willing to divulge the details of his decision to part ways with the show so here is his attempt at tackling that burning question; 
Will you miss it? 

The work, yes. The job, yes. Having those actors to play with? With all my creative heart. Everything else? No. Not in any way shape or form.

Do you regret taking the job? 
No .
Are you sad to leave the show? 

Will you tell us what really happened?
I... Oh tried to sneak it in I see. Well I said not here and not now. That doesn't mean not at all. Stay tuned.  
Whats next for Liam? 

There is gold there... I’m on to new Horizons, digging Deep, trying to mine my own gold. A new company. New business partner. New way of doing things. New (and exciting) projects in the works.
I am still shocked by this news that Liam is leaving Isidingo so I do not have much to say about it, except, I wish him all the best in all his future endeavors.

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