Oh No Lerato Kganyago, You Too Fab For That Mess

Two things are likely happening to The Link host Lerato Kganyago lately. She is either trying too hard to state her presence in the A-list after what she constantly reminds us as years of rejection, or she is hanging around drag queens too much.

The gorgeous former Miss Soweto sauntered into Kyalami on Thursdays for the Feather 2013 looking like a drag queen.

One was left wondering if Miss Kganyago misinterpreted the theme of Haute Couture and thought it meant GAY PRIDE.

It was just too much!

Too much hair. That weave would definitely not have survived a "lipsync for your life" on RuPaul's Drag Race. It looked like it was gonna fall off any minute if you just bumped onto her. 

Too much makeup. It does not take a Vuyo Varoyi to see that Lerato had that makeup smeared on her face. The gold on her eyelids with pinkish cheeks just looked a little too cartoonish, I doubt even Pepe Le Pue would approve. 

Too much skin. There are some parts of stars you like that you really do not want to see. For me, when it comes to Lerato, I definitely did not want to see her behind spilling out of that binnebroek she was wearing underneath the see-through "cloth" she wore over it. Nee maan.

Chill ...

Lerato my sweetheart, you have arrived. No need to try so hard to be noticed. You are a gorgeous girl and would look absolutely ravishing in any outfit. However, the case of less is more here was lost in translation. 

Smile more and be less rigid. You will think people do not like you only to find that they are just responding to the cold chill you seem to surround yourself with these days.

Let the gheys not lead you astray. You are fabulous and should always look impeccable, not like some RuPaul lookalike.

You are a star baby, nobody can take that away from you. Enjoy it and embrace the love ... and the hate, it will give you less wrinkles in future.

Now go get yourself a stylist!


1 comment:

Faith Nthoba said...

I love Lerato Kganyago. Indeed she looks gorgeous in anything. I was so heartbroken when I saw her in this dress cos girl is hot and needed not to do this.
Lerato girl, that stylist must be fired!!! I love you in black weave too.

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