Pabi Moloi's New Bod Divides Her Fans

TV Personality, Pabi Moloi, is definitely on a mission to reinvent herself and might I just say, she looks fantastic. I have not seen her in person for about a year now, strange enough, but judging from the pics she has been posting on her Facebook Fanpage, the former voluptuous woman is looking hella hot and is embracing the new slim bod with some snazzy fashion garb.

As with everything else in life, you can not please everybody - not that whatever one does with his or her body should be subject to approval from no-one anyway.

Pabi is new slim figure has her fans divided. She posted a pic on Facebook in a Mantsho dress and sparked a furor of opinions.

While some are happy to congratulate her on her weight loss others have expressed dismay and disappointment. 

Some of those who were happy to see her loose the weight had this to say; 
Marisha Ganasram; U look awesome Pabi. Well done...! U worked really hard to get to where u are now
 Ofentse Moiloa Yoh Pabi Moloi: *singing* Where have you been#Riri - talk about weight loss! if you're happy & healthy, then we're happy for you!
 Not everyone was complimentary. The shocked and "disappointed" had this to say;
Katie MaStar Caramelbone Mohono: U lost too much weight n I don't wanna lie but ur not as beautiful as you used 2b I loved the way you were now ur like a strange person*just being honest coz I love and adore you 
Nokuthula Mbhele Hayi Pabi Moloi you dnt look gud at all, u look sick if anything. So sad I dnt like it shem
Some like Tholakele Gumede Shuping who commented on the picture were encouraging: 
Yooh Pabi Moloi you lost so much weight hey... I guess it was your mission to lose weight... you look good, just don't be slimmer than you are now. keep that size. its a normal size. you have meet... You don't look sick like some are saying. You lost weight for you, not to impress other people. do you my darling, people wont stop talking... I love your new look and i loved the old one too...
This is an industry where one has to attend events to get endorsements and just put her brand out there. Attending these events means having to find clothes to wear. I cannot imagine it to be an easy thing to deal with for a full figured woman. 

These people who are criticizing Pabi for loosing weight do not know her struggles. 

Whether she lost the weight for work purposes, personal or health reason, it certainly is none of any of these people's business. 

If she is now happy and can proudly display her slim body in designer outfits, kudos to her. 

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