Did Sunday Sun Lie About Bonang Being Fired?

Last year in July Sunday Sun claimed that Bonang Matheba was fired from Clash Of The Choirs South Africa for what the paper reported to being her diva tantrums on set. Well, either the paper needs better sources and were duped or they fabricate stories because the tv star is definitely signed on to host the second season of the show.

The news of Bonang being a diva and being fired for it sent shock waves across the industry. B*'s fans expressed disappointment and were quick to question the legitimacy of the story as neither Bonang's camp nor the channel confirmed the rumours. 

The Sunday Sun quoted an unnamed insider who said;
“The show will soon return to our screens, but Bonang won’t be hosting it'"
“Bonang was so difficult that her managers didn’t know what to do any more. She would complain about a lot of things. If it wasn’t make-up, it was the lighting, the camera . . . the list was endless! 
“Mzansi Magic bosses even wanted to fire Bonang mid-season because she was such a diva, and very fussy. Her manager literally begged them to keep her on board, and promised that she would clean up her act.”

“They approached Pabi Moloi, and she turned the offer down. She’s on Strictly Come Dancing and it would’ve been a conflict of interest if she’d said yes.”
The tabloid paper also claimed that Minnie Dlamini was in the running to replace Bonang.

So, is this a case of false reporting, unreliable sources or just a case of Bonang being irreplaceable even when she is not needed? One can never know for sure. Needless to say the return of Bonang on COTC will certainly raise some questions about the credibility of Sunday Sun reports. 

Production for the second season of Clash Of The Choirs South Africa is currently underway with returning as the host.

Details for auditions will be revealed this week. 

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