Bonnie Mbuli Stars In The New eKasi Detective Series

Screen siren Bonnie Mbuli is back on the small screen starring in the new detective drama series, Traffic! The series deals with the underbelly of Cape Town; drug trafficking and human trafficking. Mbuli and her co-star Bongo Mbutuma play detectives Lungi Mlaba (Mbuli) and Songezo Sibanda (Mbutuma).

Detective Mlaba and her partner, Detective Sibanda, want to ensure that victims of crime are given the same treatment, regardless of their social standing. 

They approach their work in a complimentary manner, as Detective Sibanda is a pragmatist, who takes a more objective view to crime and Mlaba, although objective, tends to get her emotions entangled in cases. 

They both have the responsibility of ensuring that in the course of duty, they do not burn-out due to the high demand of policing in Cape Town.

According to award-winning actress, Bonnie Mbuli, her character is unlike her in many ways, as Mbuli is playful and easygoing.  Mbuli has over the years grown and developed into a respectable leading lady in dramas and international films such as Catch a Fire, Invictus and Blinded Angels. However, she finds this role to have been the most challenging.

“Its challenging on many levels, especially the physicality aspect. Lungi has had it rough growing up because she’s had to take care of her siblings from a very young age."
Bongo Mbutuma is also a well-established actor in his own right, having starred in the critically-acclaimed movies District 9, Mary & Martha and a series of local dramas.

Monde Twala, head of channel for, expressed his excitement and anticipation. 
“The introduction of Traffic! on channels is consistent with our mandate: to bring South Africans good quality entertainment. With Traffic!, our viewers will experience gripping content that is fairly under-exposed in this country in the form of a detective series, and also content that has quality that can be benchmarked with international programmes of this nature,” he said.
Traffic starring Bonnie Mbuli and Bongo Mbutuma will premiere on eKasi+, Channel 105 on OpenView HD on Wednesday, 12 February, 2014 at 9:30PM and at 9:35PM.  

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