Do Not Misrepresent My Words To Push Your Agenda

I have been blogging for 8 years now and in that time I have learnt some valuable lessons. One of which is that I should take heed of people who try and provoke me by misrepresenting what I write. 

I am only responsible for what I write NOT what you interpret it as. 

With that I reserve my right to not engage in any unfounded attacks on any article I write simply because the attacker failed to read the article in full, re-read, understand the context and then form an opinion based on the facts about the article. 

I would never use my platform or website to bring anyone down. I always try and give a fair balanced assessment with every review I make. For as long as the person or organisation I write about is not offended by my assessment, I sleep peacefully.

If I unintentionally give a review based on inaccurate information, I always apologise and set the record straight. I am human after-all. 

I know my heart and I respect my craft. I have never been one to adhere to sucking up as that would have killed my credibility as an entertainment commentator, and the ability to make money as one, a long time ago. 

I am grateful that a lot of people in the industry understand my position and take my praise and critique of their work in equal measure. 

I am a fan first and I love this industry. 

My views are motivated by that love not malice. I share my critiques because I care for the brands and individuals I write about. If I don't care, I do not even waste my time writing about that subject. 

I also understand that when someone has a personal gripe against you they will twist your words and try to make other people see you the way that person wants them to. 

We do not always have to agree but I love that you guys are able to engage me in debates and we can disagree without trying to paint each other as bad people. 

Thank you for your support. I love you guys. YOU are the reason I have a career and can pay my bills. 

Much love. 

Phil Mphela


Unknown said...

I hope you are not getting worked up by the clowns at JC?
Those hypocrites are only good at hiding behind anonymity to attack others but get hot and bothered when you make comments that do not sit well with them.
Just keep doing what you are doing,stay in your lane and ignore those ones.
After their cheap looking outfits at the awards,I hope they will not have enough guts to attack others on the red carpet. If this is truly their A game,those hypocrites need to lie low for a very long time.
Congrats to Lelo!! She has done well. I just wish she will not wear only a bra out of her home next time. That fashion is daft.

Unknown said...

Hau Mpho, u sound exactly like them tho, "congrats Lelo, just don't wear....." "Cheap looking outfits" ... Maybe the word hypocrite isn't the word, cos u are one too.. @Phil, you can't please everyone, please don't try!

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