JC Awards Brings All Sorts And Tag-Alongs To The Yard

Ok, either Lelo knows some really hot people or blogsphere is dominated by hotties. The JC awards was a pool-fest of some really phine brothas and hotties. My drooling aside, as with every event this one was not devoid of some interesting moments that we managed to catch on camera. Here are some of the pictures from the event... 

BE WARNED: some images depict acts of a sexual nature. Reader's discretion is advised. 
Better Thank Yo Mama For Those Genes

Familiar Faces





B*tch Stole My Look
It happens to everyone, you've seen on Fashion Police that not even the rich and famous are exempt, but for us mere mortals if you shop at retail stores you are bound to have this fashion mishap. 

Markhams, Truworths, Identity and all those other retail shops buy in bulk to sell to the masses. It is inevitable that if you buy an item there you will be one of thousands who own the same item.  

Sadly these gentlemen failed to think about that fact before deciding to wear a shirt they bought at a retail store to an awards event. 

Nice shirt but seeing three people at the same event wearing it, made it seem like a uniform. I nearly asked one of them to bring me a drink ... 


NB: The third guy left before our cameraman could take a picture.

Who dat?!


Every event has that one jajarag person that is all over the place. JCAwards was no exception. This boy was so hyper and all over the place you would have thought he had never attended an event with a free bar and celebrities before... then again maybe he has not. 

Shame the poor guy was working overtime to be noticed. The sad thing is that he is a cute little man who would get some attention even if he just chilled.

Some advice; Next time you get invited to a celebrity event papa, take a CHILL PILL. You are a cute you boy, you will still get some attention, for the right reasons.

Get A Room ...
The cute kid was not the only person who got carried away in public at the JCAwards. Once the sun went down some sense of decorum escaped some of the guests.

There were some .... girl-on-girl kissing,

... groping

... and body/booty humping

All that said.... 

Everyone clearly had a blast at JCAwards. Looking forward to next year.

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Unknown said...

That guy is indeed cute, I loved his energy, how he just had a good time with everyone without trying too hard. I think "the camera" focused on him more than everyone else hence this many pics of him:)

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