No SABC 1 Schedule For DSTV PVR

I was so livid yesterday when I checked my PVR recording and noticed that I was only able to record random stuff from the channel and not the show I had scheduled for recording on my machine. At first I thought it was just a minor glitch with the channel but as TVSA reports, IT IS NOW OFFICIALLY IMPOSSIBLE  TO SET THE DSTV PVR FOR SABC 1.

Since Monday 20th Jan'14, DSTV subscribers could no longer set DSTV's PVR to record Mzansi Fo Sho (SABC1) shows. This comes after months of errors and last minute changes which led to viewers only being able to record parts of the shows, if at all.

It is inexcusable, deplorable and down right incompetent for a number one channel in this country to still be experiencing these amateurish mishaps, in 2014 nogal!!

As TVSA newsdesk puts it; Clearly the person at SABC1 who's responsible for submitting the info to DStv has gone on an extended holiday of epic proportions and has no intention of ever returning. If they care so little about what's happening with the channel on the PVR there's no ways they care enough to return to work.

I could not agree more. This is beyond embarrassing for the channel, it is just pure lack of professionalism or care for the channel's viewers. 

Some of us can not watch Pearl Thusi all the time on the channel so we choose specific shows so that we can watch them at our own leisure thanks to PVR. Now the channel, or whoever is responsible, is f"ing that up too. 

What the heck is going on at SABC 1? Get your act together and fire people who do not do their jobs. You are the channel for the people. The masses of Mzansi love you, they have made you number 1. Do not be arrogant and disrespect them by offering mediocrity all the time. 

If you can't put on better programming then, for the love of God, provide better services with your channel broadcast. It is the least you can do. 

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