Why Is Samkelo Ndlovu So Desperate To Be Noticed?

I remember watching an interview between Lerato Kganyago and Samkelo Ndlovu on the LKG Show, and thinking this girl knows her stuff. From that moment on Samkelo joined the likes of Zikhona Sodlaka, Mbali Ntuli and Nambitha Mpumlwana on my list of talented stars who are ignored by mainstream media but are the beacon for the future of talent and respect for the craft in this country. 

Note: Due to the risqué nature of some of the pics in this article, reader discretion is advised. 

Little did I know that Smakelo was just another fluke who is just clamouring for attention and will say or do anything to suit that need. 

On the LKG Show, Samkelo came across as this poised young lady who has toiled in this industry to get her spot. She had not yet gotten her dues but it was clear she is on her way to being respected as a performer. 

She spoke eloquently about the love she has for the craft of acting. She spoke of how she draws her inspiration for portraying characters by observing regular humanbeings on how they behave and interact. 

It was a powerful interview to watch because you could see that this girl is not just about the fame but she loves what she does and respects the process of bringing her art to life. I was enthralled by her words and inspired by her vision about the entertainment industry. 

Turns out, that was just another performance by Ms Ndlovu. She talked a good talk but in reality she is just another fame hungry celebrity who will do anything to get attention. 

Firstly it was the fake breakup with her ex boyfriend, Thomas Gumede on the Vuzu reality show, Forever Young. The two actors put on a performance on the show by pretending to still be an item and had a break up on camera when in "reality" the two had broken up long before the show was even shot. 

Unfortunately that little stunt did very little for Samkelo's career. It got her a few Twitter mention but that was it. 

Then came the lamest of all publicity stunts, her supposed relationship with a well known gay man in the industry, Japhta Mamabolo. If there was ever any ridiculously silly romance story in the history of SA tabloid media, that was it. 

Sadly beyond a few gullible reporters falling for it and a furore of laughter from those who know that Japhta likes his a bit more masculine, the stunt did very little to make Samkelo an A-lister. 

Now, in January 2014, Samkelo dropped another attempt at grabbing headlines. Ndlovu went to the lowest of the barrel to try and get some attention. She took her clothes off!!!

Unfortunetely, again, the move just screamed DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION and got her just a blurb on a Sunday tabloid paper. This is not Hollywood, nude pics do not really do much for a person's career. These kids watch too much Hollywood shows and forget that Mzansi has a totally different audience. 

Samkelo undoubtedly has the talent. Why is she then so desperate to be a media fodder? 

I understand that being an it girl has been lucrative for the likes of Minnie, Bonang, Boity and such. Perhaps she wants to be in that league and make money but if that is the case she is going about it the wrong way. These girls became who they are by having the right team behind them. 

Bonang, Minnie, Pearl, Boity... these are not just celebrities, they are brands that is why they are able to attract endorsements and hosting gigs. That happens because they are signed with brand agencies that understand their potential as brands not just Casting Agencies. 

If Samkelo's stunts are fuelled by a need to become an A-lister because of the attention she gets from the media then she just needs to get the right management team, who will manage her as a brand not just as an actress or celeb. 

She does not need all these publicity stunts that erode her integrity as a talented performer. I know being a celeb costs money if you are not getting things for free. I know she may need to make some extra money without having to rely on infrequent acting gigs. I get it, but there is a better way to subsidise her income without these ridiculous stunts.  

Judging by what I heard on that LKG interview, whether she was being fake or not, there is no denying that she is a smart, talented and a visionary. She just needs to channel all those attributes into the right direction. Her understanding of storytelling and the journey an actor has to take to bring a character to life would make her a great director. 

Just put your clothes on, leave fake relationships and build a name for yourself with your talent and craft. Trust me, some of us know you have the chops for it. 


Unknown said...

Wow,,,its just sad to actually see how low some of these "celebs" will stoop,why would any self loving woman subject herself to such? I'm not judging her or anything,all I'm saying is if attanetion is what she wants,taking her clothes off is undoubtedly the wrong way to go about it,it actuallu does more damage than good...Ms Ndlovu ,girl,,,you loosing it lala!

Anonymous said...

Phil... I'm a big supporter of your work. I really am. But this really reeks of malice, and seems like a personal attack. You don't like her. We get it. I think people are entitled to their personal opinions, but I have a huge problem when bloggers take it upon themselves to bash celebrities, just because they don't approve of what they do. It's your blog, I get that, and if you use your platform to spread negativity, that's your onus.

I do however need to bring something to your attention:

1. Jafta and Samkelo have never said that they were an item. I remember the first time the article was published. Some reporter made up 'facts', and the two actors (who are actually close friends) neither confirmed nor denied the rumours.

2. Why the urge to oust Jafta like this? "Well-known gay man"? What's that about? That's low. No one's going around calling you a gay blogger. You of ALL people should know how tough it is for gay personalities in the industry - whether Jafta is gay or not, and that has nothing to do with anything. And then you use the photo from Marie Claire (it seems) to support your statement, when that shoot was organised as a result of their on-screen relationship on Generations.

3. Lastly, I didn't see you writing scathing reports about Bonang when she wore the very same number that Samkelo is wearing. You didn't call her desperate.

Again, I know that this is your blog, and you can rubbish whomever you wanna rubbish, and disguise it with a few 'compliments' It's really not necessary.

Unknown said...

From my point of view, I dont think she is that hot. That is true when they say she is desperate for fame and already she is famous,there is no need to act like that.Why she always play desperate role for a man on a since.

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of hers, however, I agree somewhat with Mandla788 - I don't get what your issue is here, in fact, I think you're being too hard on her - she's not starkers mos like Boity and them.....charity of nie. Where are those pics from? Twitter? Is she modelling some underwear line? I really don't see anything wrong

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