Writers' Guild Of South Africa 2014 Nominees

The 2014 nominees for the inaugural Writers' Guild of South Africa Awards have been announced. Big surprises on the list though as some of South Africa's most talked about shows' writers gets the snub. Writers from shows like Isibaya and Rockville are nowhere to be seen on the list.   

According to the Writers' Guild of South Africa, 
‘the awards will be an annual event that recognises and celebrates the integral role played by performance writers in the South African film, television, radio, stage and new media industries’. 
The TV and FILM nominees are: 

  • TV Comedy

Anneke Villet for: Rugby Motors Season 1: Episode 10
Anneke Villet for: Rugby Motors Season 1: Episode 4
Fidel Namisi for Tooth and Nails

  • TV Drama

Joshua Rous for Borderline: Episode 101, Quiet Desperation
Joshua Rous for High Rollers: Episode 101, The Prodigal
Minky Schlesinger for 4Play Sex Tips for Girls: Episode 2

  • Feature Film

Shirley Johnston for Felix
Philip Roberts for One Last Look
Jahmil X. T. Qubeka for Of Good Report

  • Spec Script

Kelsey Egan for The Chemist (Feature Film)
Sean Drummond for Five Fingers for Marseilles (Feature Film)
Meg Rickards for Common Purpose (Feature Film)

Yes the list looks a little too white and devoid of any recognition for non-English material, which could be a huge credibility problem in the future if it continues this way, but to be fair this is the first year and perhaps most writers were not aware of the awards yet. 

For every awards organisation, companies and individuals have to submit their work for consideration. Nominees are always drawn for the submitted material. For that I will let the snub to slide, only this year. 

The winners will be announced at an awards’ ceremony on Saturday 15 March. 

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