Have I Been Sleeping For The Past 6 Months?

I consider myself to be quite clued up about what is happening in the South African entertainment industry. I don't know about everything, but if it is big, I would know about it. With that I was a bit perplexed by some of the stories I am reading this work and it got me thinking; where the heck have I been that I don't know about this?

 This week the media has been reporting that singing sensation Zahara's latest offering has reached double platinum. Great news but given that when Loliwe was lauded as the most selling album of all time, or something like that, it made sense to me because the songs from the album were everywhere. 

I like Zahara, I think she is a grounded, sweet and talented lady with an inspirational story of success. I am not crazy about her music because it is not really the genre of music I enjoy listening to but even with that I still knew the songs from Loliwe. 

This time around I can honestly tell you that I have never heard any song from her latest album Phendula. Which then begs the question for me; who and where are these people who bought over 100 000 of Phedula and where are they playing it because I haven't heard it. 

With Loliwe, I personally knew atleast 10 people who owned the album and constantly heard the music even without having to listen to the radio. The music was inescapable.

On the tv front, DSTV is currently running ads for the new upcoming season of Idols SA featuring last year's winner Musa. 

In the ad Musa says that the show will make one a star, or something like that. Wait, did I miss something? When did Musa become a star? I haven't heard or seen a video of his music. Unlike Khaya he seems to have fallen by the wayside like other previous winners of the talent shows. 

I know, he is the current winner so obviously they had to use him on the ad, but I did find myself chuckling a bit when I think that the words he is sharing do not match his career at this point. 

So, dare I ask again... where the heck have I been if I do not know that Zahara's Phedula album is a hit and Musa is a superstar now?

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Anonymous said...

Pap advert, that! Musa looks and sounds so demotivated and bored. What a yawfest. The Miss SA ad though, now THAT'S the one

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