Was Oluchi's Jab On Jhb Girls Taken Out Of Context?

Africa's Next Top Model made its debut on Thursday evening on Vuzu after a run on Channel 0 and Africa Magic. Needless to say, the show has received more attention on Vuzu than it did when it aired on the other channel. The show hasn't received great reviews but last night it was comments from the show's host Oluchi that rubbed South African viewers the wrong way. 

During commentary on the show Oluchi lamented that they had been sitting in Johannesburg for over an hour and had seen over 400 but none was suitable for the show. Well, she did not really put it that tactfully ...

She said; 
"I have been told that South Africa has the most beautiful girls. I have been sitting here for an hour and I haven't seen one"

You could almost telepathically hear girls around Jozi going 'Oh no she didn't...'
To add insult to injury the editors of the show ran a montage of Oluchi repeatedly saying NO which ended with her screaming the word with menacing music in the background. 

Obviously as one would expect that statement solicited some angry responses on social media from South Africans.   

Personally I think this is one of those instances where a statement gets lost in translation somewhat. Oluchi is Nigerian and English is her second language. I do not think when she said she hasn't seen a beautiful South African girl she meant the girls who showed up were ugly. 

She most likely meant that the girls who showed up at the Joburg auditions of the show were just not the type of look she was looking for. Beauty in this context meant "model-esque rather than pretty"

I do admit her statement could have done without that No!!! montage.

Surprisingly, the show ended up with 2 girls shortlisted from the throngs that auditioned and Joburger Rhulani made the cut and was chosen as part of the the 12 girls who appear on the show.

Yes!! think Oluchi's statement was taken out of context. CHILL people!!

Africa's Next Top Model airs on Vuzu every Thursdays at 20h30. 

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