Why Does Selimathunzi Only Want A Presenter From KZN?

SABC1 and Selimathunzi caused a bit of a stinker with their latest presenter search when they revealed that for their 13 Metro FM Music Awards black carpet coverage they are only looking for black presenters from Kwazulu Natal. 

Seli and SABC called their activation a "regional talent search' but that did not stop the fury of most viewers who felt limiting the search to a province and race was discriminatory. SABC is a national public broadcaster afterall. 

Selimathunzi talent searches have a raised a few eyebrows in recent times, one would think that the channel and the brand wuld be a bit more tactful and careful whenever they plan these things after that but it seems not. 
"The search is the first of its kind and will translate into compelling reality entertainment," said Dichaba Phalatse, SABC1's portfolio marketing manager for entertainment. 
The Selimathunzi presenter search is "meant for KwaZulu-Natal residents only".
When pressed for answers as to why the SABC would limit a search for its on air talent to a specific region when the channel and show are broadcast nationally, SABC publicity said;  
"SABC1 hosts many nationwide presenter searches and the channel has launches many young careers and remains committed to doing so in the future," . 
"The Black Carpet Presenter Search forms part of the MetroFM Music Awards within the KwaZulu-Natal umbrella. We are giving KwaZulu-Natal residents an opportunity," 

Personally I think critics are making a big deal out of nothing. I think the SABC just need to be honest and tell the media that they are just trying to save money. Isn't that what the public keep complaining about, that the SABC wastes money?

It would be cheaper to get someone who lives in Durban to do the coverage as the production would not have to transport them to the city and deal with the logistics entailed in that undertaking. 

I think the motivation for this decision is just pure financial and logistical. The channel wants to get publicity from the talent search with as little financial input into the excersize as possible. And you know what... God on them for counting those cents!

One question though; Since the SABC hardly covers events in some provinces such as Freestate, and Northern Cape does that mean their viewers in those provinces will never get a chance to explore those opportunities that the so called "regional search"?

Talent does not only come from Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Kwazulu Natal. 

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