Rockville Stars Get Snubbed By The Saftas

For a show that has received wide praise from viewers and critics for their stars, it comes as a surprise that the show could only get one nod in the acting categories at the Saftas. Mzansi Magic show, Rickville, which is currently on its second season on the channel has been a homerun for the channel and its stars. 

Viewers have lauded stars like Connie Ferguson and Lehasa Moloi for their captivating portrayal of their respective characters. 

It is a huge surprise now that the show could only get a nod for Best Supporting Actress in A TV Drama for the show. The nod went to Thembsie Matu for her portrayal of Sis Ribs. 

Much adieu has been made about Connie Ferguson's heart wrenching potrayal of Mavis Mavuso -- the  Christianic religious widowed matriarch of the Mabasos. In a rare instance where an actor is able to shed the shadow of a role he/she is most known for, in this case she is well known as Generations' Karabo, Ferguson was able to transform her image to bring this character to life. 

Unfortunately it would appear that the SAFTAs committee did not think her effort was enough.  It is a shame though given the fact that we love giving praise to portrayal of actors who mostly play caricatures and not really get to the core of the characters. 

Often we see that actors who can play the typical loud mouth neighbour with over-the-top  performances are seen as good, whereas actors who play characters that have depth are seen as boring so therefore they must not be good. 

Acting, like prostitution, is about stripping yourself naked to give your character life. You open yourself up to have this stranger take over your body and emotions. You immerse yourself, as an actor, in the joy and anguish of this character. It is not about playing for laughs, shedding a tear on cue or conjuring streotypical traits. Being that character instead of playing it. 

I believe that Connie Ferguson delivered and deserved some acknowledgement for that. That is just my opinion, anyway. 

Rockville was not totally snubbed. The show nabbed itself a nods for;  

  • Best Director In A TV Drama  -  Johnny Barbuzano 
  • Best Writing Team in a TV Drama -  Gwydion Beynon and Phatu Makwarela 
  • Best Production Design of a TV Drama
  • Best Make-up & Hair stylist of a TV Drama
Rockville airs on Mzansi Magic (DSTV channel 161) 

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