Thando Thabethe Leaves Club 808 And YFM

In a statement released via McCollet Consulting, TV Presenter and Radio Personality Thando Thabethe has officially announced that she will be leaving Club 808 and YFM. 

The 24 year old University Of Johannesburg graduate has appeared in numerous tv commercial and played a lead in an SABC sitcom.
“I’m so grateful for the opportunity given both by Club 808 and YFM these two platforms were the foundation of my career and for this i’m forever thankful. But in everything we do there comes a time to move on.” sayas Thabethe
Thabethe also shared the news with her fans on Facebook;
"This past week I've had to say goodbye to two places I'd learnt to call home, I've learnt sooo much and I'm so grateful for the opportunity and support thank you to YOU for watching and listening from my graveyard days to The Audio Treat. I will forever be indebted to both. Hope you will follow me as I continue this journey of fulfilling my dreams"
Club 808 has been struggling to recapture its former glory since changing presenters and timeslot on Etv. While the show used to be one of the highest rated on Etv and competed head to head with other music variety show on other channels, the move from Friday to Saturday hurt its popularity greatly.

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