Uganda And Nigeria Top Google's List Of Gay Porn Searchers

We see this story play out all too common in our society where the people who are most vocal about being anti-gay end up exposed to be homosexuals. The connection between homophobia and suppressed homosexuality, has often been attributed to the notion that homosexual desires, when shut out because of some sense of shame, can easily express themselves as a form of homophobia. It should come as no surprise that two countries on the continent that have sought to victimize people for their homosexuality turns out to be the most curious and active when it comes to gay porn on the internet. 

NB: This article contains reference to content of an adult nature. Discretion is Advised 
As recent as early 2013, Google published statistics listing the countries with the greatest number of searches for gay porn on the web and found Uganda ranked third, behind Kenya and Pakistan. 

According to The Guardian, though Uganda recently passed legislation imposing lifetime imprisonment for homosexuality, the country continues to be among those with the highest number of internet searches for gay pornography.

In an all too familiar paradox of the forbidden fruit syndrome, Roger Ross Williams, director of the award-winning documentary God Loves Uganda, told the Huffington Post he believes the more government tries to repress sex and sexuality, the more it will continue to flourish underground. 

An earlier report by the Huffington Post also revealed that Nigeria has a high number of frequent searches for gay pornography on the internet. Furthermore, Nigeria and Ghana have the most number of black gay men seeking gay sex and/or relationships on internet gay sites, more so than liberal country on the continent like South Africa

According to the Huffington Post, Nigerians in high volume search the internet everyday for ‘gay sex pics’ and ‘anal sex pics’, despite the country’s stand against homosexuality and outright ban on gay marriage.

While one can not conclusively say that the high number of gay porn searches on the net is reflective of any country's gay community, it is rather curious to know that even with strict repressive laws, these countries have failed to quell, if you may, the existence of homosexual interests.  

Are these numbers a result of curiosity or out-right hypocrisy by these countries? 

Is this a case of 'we hate in others what we truly hate in ourselves'? 

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