SAMA2014 Nominee Nakhane Toure Goes HomoErotic In His Latest Music Video

Pegged to be SAMA 2014 favourite come May after he was nominated in four categories for his début album Brave Confusion, 26 year Nakhane Toure is pushing the envelope in an unconventional way again. Unlike some local musicians who are in denial and would rather be blind than do anything that would hint at their sexual preference being different, this Eastern Cape born star has gone where few would dare tread. 

Toure has set the bar and hopefully will open the conversation about sexuality in the industry with his new video for his latest single, In the Dark Room. 

The openly gay muso, whose music has a daring eclectic mix of influences from David Bowie-meets-Prince-Michael Jackson to a dash of Marvin-Gaye, Toure is not shy to embrace his sexuality even in his music.

The video clearly has a message to convey and does it in a hauntingly visual way. It is shot at Constitutional Hill which gives it a somewhat gritty feel. The black and white template lends a sombre and yet unfiltered reality to the story as you watch Toure unresponsively starring directly at the camera while the guy in the scene with him is fluctuating between aggression and affection in his attempt to get his attention. 

Toure's "love interest" in the video strokes his face and he remains still as if to say; this is wrong and I should not reciprocate. 

There are undertones that may not be that subtle to gay men who are exposed to the urban gay scene. Nakakhane is clearly prepared to be bare about his experiences of life. You hear it in his music and now he is giving you an artistic interpretation of the visual aspect of that life. 

I heard from a friend when I suggested that he check out the video that Toure has said that the song was inspired by his first experience of going to gay bar in Pretoria.

I guess Nakhane Toure is South Africa's Frank Ocean though their lives aren't as parallel and their music differ a bit, the common thing between them is their knack to hauntingly bring the emotions behind their life story into their music. They write the narrative of what their story not the media.

Watch the video below: 

Toure is nominated for this year's South African Music Awards in the Album of the Year, Newcomer of the Year, Male Artist of the Year and the Best Alternative Album categories.

His debut album Black Confusion is in store now. 


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I am so buying his album!

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I like •••

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