Say What?! ... Bonnie Blasts Xhosas

"I love ma Xhosa ppls but Twelve years a slave aint got nothin on ya'll !!!" (sic)

 "If u wanna cook,clean and make tea like a crazy person ,marry into a Xhosa family #yipIsaidIt (sic)

"Your ass will work so hard ,you'll be begging ur dude to take you home ,on some ..babe,I've got that audition comin up!#" (sic)
Yep ... she said it. Prolific television and film star, Bonnie Mbuli, who divorced her husband after a decade long marriage went on a Twitter rant this week. Mbuli was married to tv personality, Sisanda Henna.

 After their break up, the actress revealed that she was un happy in the marriage which prompted the split.

After some flack from Twitter fans, Traffic! star later tweeted;

"It's really simple, u can't own ppls opinions or experiences, you'll just have to deal and move on, nizoba strong! (sic)

No doubt that Bonnie is entitled to her own opinion and has every right to express her feelings about HER experiences, one can not help but wonder why someone in her position would post such views on a public platform like that. 

Let us hope that this was just a once off thing. Bonnie is one of the very few stars in this country who are known for their work and not their personal life drama, I hope she does not fall into that pit of having personal stuff overshadow her career. 

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