Who Is The Real Beyonce?

Now that the hoohah around Beyonce's latest album has simmered down, I have finally been able to listen to the album and appreciate its artistic merits. While there is no denying that this is not a phenomenal offering from the popstar one can forgive the downers and blame them on the artist's need to experiment. Afterall that's what experimenting is about, the hit and misses. 

Beyonce completely surprise (see also: shock, flabbergast, stun) in this album. So much so that the complete 360 turn she has done leaves one wondering who this woman really is. One minute she is singing and talking about female empowerment and the next she is calling them bitches and singing about giving someone a blowjob in a car. 

Beyonce has gone out of her way to assert herself as a rolemodel for the feminist movement. Her Queen Bey persona was borne out of her quest to be an empowering leader for the women of the world in the same way that people like Maya Angelou and Oprah Winfrey are. 

Say what you will, but while she claims that her stunt on releasing this album was to give people a chance to listen to it and not be swayed by the publicity, it is ironic that the stunt became nothing but a publicity spectacle. 

Why can't Beyonce just say; I wanted to shock my fans and the world so I released a secret album. Why must Beyonce have an excuse for every career move she makes that does not conform to the image she built when she first came on to the scene. 

 Now that she is finally revealing her not so prim and proper side, which is no surprise since she has be flirting with this for few years now and initially blamed it on her stage persona "Sacha Fierce", can we take anything Beyonce says seriously or as just another lie for her to sell records.

With Sacha Fierce she was selling; The real Beyonce is the church loving, woman empowering girl you all love, all the sexiness on stage is just Sacha taking over.

Ok we bought that but now this explicitly sexy side... Actually, scratch that, she is straight-up raunchy. Really, really raunchy. Where does this Bey come from? 

On BEYONCE, Bey's supposedly breaking the mold. BUT she doesn't stop there... she breaks the bed. And the kitchen counter.

Here are some of the things she says in her latest songs that will leave you gasping for air ... 

On the track "Blow":

  •  "I kiss you and you lick your lips/ You like it wet and so do I/ I know you never waste a drip/ I wonder how it feels sometimes"
  • "Can you lick my Skittles, it's the sweetest in the middle/ Pink is the flavor, solve the riddle"
  • "I can't wait till I get home so you can turn that cherry out/ I want you to turn that cherry out, turn that cherry out"
  • "Don't slip off when it drip off on top of you"
  • "Gimme that daddy-long stroke"

From the popular Jay Z duet "Drunk in Love":

  • "I get filthy with that liquor, give it to me" 
  • "Why can't I keep my fingers off it, baby, I want you"
  • "We woke up in the kitchen saying 'How the hell did this sh-t happen?'"
  • "I fill the tub up halfway then I ride it with my surfboard, surfboard/ Grinding on that wood, grinding, grinding on that wood"
  • "We sex again in the morning, your breastses are my breakfast." (Note: This one belongs to Jay Z. Cover your ears, Blue Ivy.)

From the sexed-up midtempo track "No Angel":
  • "First both of my legs go back on your head, and whatever you want, yeah baby, I'm bad"

From shockingly explicit; "Partition":

  • "Driver roll up the partition, please/ I don't need you seeing 'Yonce on her knees" 
  • "Now my mascara running, red lipstick smudged/ Yeah, he's so horny he wants to f---/ He popped all my buttons and he ripped my blouse/ He Monica Lewinsky-ed all on my gown/ Oh Daddy, Daddy, he didn't bring the towel/ Oh baby, baby, we better slow it down" 

  • "Over there I swear I saw them cameras flash/ Hand prints and footprints on my glass/ Hand prints and good grips on my ass" 
  • "Private show with the music blasting/ He like to call me 'Peaches' when we get this nasty" 

From the hot-and-heavy ballad "Jealous": 
  • "I'm in my penthouse half-naked/ I cooked this meal for you naked"  

And the D'Angelo-inspired "Rocket": 
  • "Let me sit this ass on you"  
  • "You rock hard/ I rock steady" 
  • "Rocket 'til water falls, bathe in these waterfalls" 
  • "Baby, I know you can feel it pulse, deep in my waterfall" 

Judging from this new direction Beyonce is really an ode to womanism, feminism or whatever euphemism you might use to describe the empowerment of women. 

This "independent woman" preached that women should earn enough to pay their "bills, bills, bills." She boldly gave woman an anthem to tell their men that is they like it they should "put a ring on it".

How did we go from that Bey, to the new mommy Bey who is getting her cherry blown out and is sharing that with the world? I aint no prude but I am intrigued by this schizophrenic metamorphosis Beyonce seem to be living in. 

And I am left wondering, WHO IS THE REAL BEYONCE? I love her as an entertainer but do not know who to love as a person because Mrs Carter, Sacha Fierce, Beyonce and Bey is just a tad too much for me to comprehend. 

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