Ashish Gangapersad Quits Isidingo Over Pay Dispute

After speculations when Ashish Gangapersad, who was popularly known as Prada on Isidingo, that he was fired from the show, the soap star has finally decided to set the record straight. The actor first dropped a bomb on his fans via Twitter when he announced on 10th April 2014 that he was shooting his last scene for the production.

Since then there has been murmurs that the bigwigs at Endomol may have given Gangapersad his marching order. Now the actor is ready to talk about the decision that led to his departure from the show.

Gangapersad shared his feeling with TVplus magazine. He insisted that he wasn't fired from Isidingo but he did admit that there were disputes with bigwigs over his contract, which might have contributed to his decision to leave after 5 years on the show. 
"Yes, there were contractual disagreements between myself and Production. I will admit that the contract disagreement was the one thing that probably opened up the floodgates, in a way." 
The 29-year-old actor added that he mostly just felt the time had come for him to move on.
 "There's no bad blood between us and I'd like to think that they [Production] still like me even though I left so suddenly. I just think, as an actor, you don't want to be stuck in the same place. It's dangerous to get comfortable and your creative flame slowly burns out. Staying on will be creative suicide."
Ashish is said to be pursuing a career behind the lens. He is producing a film called Un/born Different and a legal TV series called f.Law.ed.

You can still see Ashish Gangapersad as Prada on Isidingo, Weekdays at 19h30 on SABC3

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