Beyonce Shames The Tabloids By Showing Kimnye Some Love

I have new found respect for Beyonce Knowles. Nobody understands the PR game as well as this woman does. The tabloids with their so called source will concoct a story and the gullible public will eat it up. For a pro like Bey, one knows never to give credence to the gossip by responding to such lie. In a brilliant show of support to Kimye and a slap on the face to the tabloids, Bey has posted a message of support to Kim and Kanye on their nuptials today. 

The entertainment world the world over has been abuzz about Kanye West amd Kim Kardashian's lavish wedding in France. Preceding this event has been media reports that Beyonce is not a Kim fan and she was not happy to be part of the wedding. 

in a move that can only be described as a brilliant response to the rumours, Mrs Carter posted a picture of Kim, Kanye and their baby Nori on her Instragram with a congratulatory message; 

Beyonce is not perfect and I know the detractors will find something negative to say about this post but just by merely posting this pic and her message she has shamed all the claims that she does not like Kim or has any ill thoughts towards their elaborate wedding.

Good on ya Bey! Classy move!

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