DJ Sbu Breaks The Law To Show His Support Of ANC

Friends Like These presenter Sbu Leope, popularly known as DJ SBU, has caused quite a stir on social media when he blatantly broke the law to show his support for the ruling party yesterday during voting process. Leope posted a picture of his ballot paper on Twitter, which was a direct violation of the Electorate code. 

The IEC had emphatically stated to the nation that:
 “It is an offence to take and/or publish photographs which reveal a person’s vote on a ballot paper” – even if that vote is your own. 
“Upon conviction, offenders will be liable to a fine or a term of imprisonment not exceeding one year.”
Clearly Dj Sbu missed that memo or just chose to ignore the warning. 


The photos he posted which were accompanied by the captions: “I also voted for the only movement with enough capacity to take this country forward. #VivaANC” and “Defending the revolution”, sparked anger and a call from South African on Twiter for the IEC to hold him accountable.

On Tuesday, DJ Sbu sparked yet another Twitter frenzy when he got into a war of words with EFF leader, Julius Malema over comments Malema made during the EFF's rally in Tshwane. 

This came after news channel eNCA quoted what Malema had said at his party’s rally on Sunday in a tweet, which read: “Malema promises to liberate artists. Says if you are not part of 999, Kalawa or TS Records, you don’t get a tender.”

DJ Sbu, who co-owns TS Records, responded in a tweet to Malema: “No one takes what this idiot says seriously.

“You had so much potential, Julius. You blew it. Now all you do is lie. Good luck.”

Malema then wrote: “It’s not a lie that you don’t have a radio voice. You know how you got the job at the SABC.”

I do not know what the heck is going on with Dj Sbu but for someone who has pitted himself as a role-model, he is certainly demonstrating a fraught character with his behaviour of late. What exactly is he telling these kids he gives motivational speeches to, if he can not rise above such pettiness himself?

Just recently this year he was embroiled in another Twitter gaffe when he called people from Limpopo dumb. 

Has DJ Sbu's need to show his loyalty to the ANC, turned him into a jerk?

This is the man a lot of us hold in high regard and see him as a model. Unfortunately his latest behaviour not only calls his character in question, it also leaves one wondering why he feels the need to go out of his way to prove to the ANC that he is their supporter?

He does come across as trying a bit too hard to prove his allegiance to the ruling party. Why? The nation already know he supports the ANC. Could this have anything to do with his business interests? 

Let's face it. One does not reach the level of Sbu's success without being a calculating businessman. He knows where his bread is buttered. Could these little tantrums be just a ploy to ensure that his relationship with the ANC, which has benefited his business,  keeps going?

Dj Sbu is a smart guy, therefore I can not think of any other reason for him to jeopardize his fan base by insulting them and tainting his image with politics just for fun unless if it was serving a goal for him. I can not think of any incentive in that regard except the fact that he wants to benefit from ANC and government contracts. 

Be that as it may, I personally hope he realizes the responsibility he holds for putting himself forward as someone the youth of Mzansi should look up to. He is admired by many, rightly so ... might I add, so let us hope he continues to keep himself humble and a good rolemodel. 

DJ Sbu has ignored all requests to take the pictures down; this has prompted a troop of supporters to stand by Sbu's side and post their own ballot selfies. 


Sbu was not the only celebrity to break the law against ballot pictures. Soccer star Andile Jali also posted pictures of his ballot paper on social media. 

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