Isidingo Star Scolded For Lack Of Discipline

Don Mlangeni-Nawa, the actor known for playing the role of Zebedee Matabane in the SABC3 daily drama Isidingo  attended a formal disciplinary hearing today. The hearing is as a result of the actors disregard for conduct codes and lack of discipline while contracted to the Endemol produced daily drama.

n a strongly worded statement from the production company, Isidingo's management makes it clear that they will not take any unprofessional-ism from any actor, as no actor is bigger than the show. 

According to statement from the production company, Mlangeni-Nawa’s "lack of discipline and general disrespect for the show, the company, its many great actors and the SABC," saw Endemol take action (both verbally and in writing) against the actor after his repeated transgressions on and off set. 

This latest installment of the off-screen drama at Isidingo concerning the actor, comes after reports last year that Mlangeni-Nawa was fired from the show, which was later refuted by Endemol. 

The rumour that Malangeni was fired had actually been ignited by information that the actor, who has been with the soapie for 15 years, was at odds with the production company for allegedly refusing to endorse a big bank whose name was included in his lines.
"It was part of the script and when he was supposed to mention the name, he skipped it. The bosses were unhappy with him," someone close to the show, who chose to remain anonymous, reportedly told Daily Sun paper.
Sources said Mlangeni felt he was being used and was not benefiting from endorsing the bank, whose name was never revealed.

Malnageni was never fired as reported by the paper but now the production company has hauled him into the big bosses' office. 
“This disciplinary hearing is unfortunate, but  necessary,” Sivan Pillay, Endemol’s Managing Director says.
Since it first aired on SABC 3 back in July of 1998, Isidingo has grown in popularity and with it so has the cast. “It is important to note that mutual respect, by and for the entire cast and crew of the show, is something we take very seriously,” Pillay asserts. 
“No one actor or crew member is bigger, or has the right to compromise any part of what makes Isidingo the great show it is today”.
Lets hope "Bra Zeb" got the message and will now behave.

Catch Isidingo on SABC3, weekdays at 19h30

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