Isidingo To Introduce New Family

It is common knowledge now that what was once one of South Africa's most favorite shows has dwindled into oblivion over the years. So dire has the situation at Isidingo been that they had to resort to Oscar-inspired story-line that got the nation talking but not watching. 

Now, in an interview with Tonight, the show's production company MD, Sivan Pillay, reveals that they will be introducing a new family to the show with three characters. 

Pillay hinted:
“There is a home coming up that will look like what the Matabane home used to be. This is a family rooted in that part of South African society. I can tell you that there is a brand new family coming, with three characters in the family.
In another surprising titbit, Pillay tells the newspaper that the acquisition of Pearl Thusi was exciting.

He said Pearl’s popularity on her Twitter and Facebook connects with audiences in a different way than the traditional star. Too bad then, Mr Pillay, that her popularity on social media did not translate to ratings hike.

Nonetheless, the idea of taking Isidingo back to its core feel where characters were more relate-able and not some Generations rip-off, the show may just win its lost loyal fans back. 

it was a mistake to mess with the Matebane family and try too hard to make the show appeal to a Top Billing market, if you catch my drift. 

As I have stated in my reviews before, what separated Isidingo from other soapies was the fact that it stayed away from the formulaic glamour of soapville. It is the same magic that is now fueling Isibaya's popularity. Isidingo  did that first, but messed it up. 

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