Maggi Benedict Says She Is Not Quitting Generations For isibaya

Soap star Maggie Benedict, who is known for playing Akhona on Generations, has finally addressed the rumours that she is leaving Generations to join Isibaya, contrary to the rumours that swelled after she made her announcement that she is 'taking leave" from the show.  

Maggie, who is currently embroiled in some legal drama after she was arrested at a Johannesburg mall for stealing a Panado, has vehemently denied the rumours.
"I have no idea where these Isibaya rumours came from, because they're wholly untrue,"  
"I think it's an amazing show, but I'm not joining it. I hope this puts the annoyingly persistent story to rest."
On her reasons for leaving Generations, the actress said she's merely doing what actors do in this industry. She just needs a change to broaden her career.
"It's just time to move on. I've been there [at Generations] for two-and-a-half years and it's time for new challenges now," the 33-year-old explained. I just need to try on a new character for size. Actors are nomadic. It's what we do - pitch a tent and move on to the next town after the performance. That's all it is. 
"I'll miss everything about Generations. It really has been the best gig and greatest learning curve of my career. 
"I've got a couple of things on offer and my management team is still busy with negotiations."
Catch Generations on SABC1 , weeknights at 20h00.

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