Scandal Star Clint Brink Talks About Being USN Brand Ambassador

No surprise that when nutrition brand Ultimate Sports Nutrition (USN) was looking for an ambassador in SA they knocked on Clint Brink's door. The actor's fitness interest is as well known to his fans as his acting and music career. When he is not acting on the popular etv soap Scandal, producing or perfecting his musical skills in studio, this ‘triple threat’ also manages to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Finding a balance between career, family and one’s lifestyle interests can often pose a challenge for the everyday individual – which Clint Brink has managed to master. He gives us the low-down on how he is doing it. 

What is the importance of goal setting when training?
I find that when placing goals it generally helps with focus, drive and visualization of the end " product " so to speak when training and prep for shows, tournaments or contests. It eradicates unneeded energy and time expenditure & will make your desired success realistic and achievable.
What is your take on Healthy and nutritional eating?
Cars need fuel to run on. Using the wrong kind of fuel can cause long term damage and add to wear and tear of the vehicle. Opting for the best fuel choice for your vehicle will enhance performance and increase longevity. Eating healthy and making good nutritional choices is more or less the same thing to me.
How important is it to have consistency in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying motivated?
Many people want a quick fix or look for the easy way out...unfortunately, quick fixes can cause more damage than anything. Growth is best when looked at as a process and not ONLY a desired " END ". If you want to do it right, dedication, commitment and consistency is the only way to go.
What are your training techniques? 
I always try and not become too complacent with training regiments. I do a combination of Muay Thai, Body weight, Resistance and High Intensity training regiments to get a well rounded, full encompassing spectrum to my fitness goals. It gives me strength, endurance, aesthetic, cardiovascular and flexibility benefits. The martial arts benefits feed my spiritual and mental needs as well as pushing me to work harder as well as smarter.
What exactly is your role as a USN ambassador?
I would say my role as USN ambassador is to let ppl know that even with an extremely taxing career..the need for and benefits of a healthy active lifestyle is achievable as well as crucial in our current social and economic environment. Make the choice..dedicate, commit and invest in your best life. A healthy mind, body and spirit is one of the most freeing and liberating gifts you can give yourself.
Which USN products do you use and how do these assist with your training?
I'm interested in function and health FIRST,  aesthetic SECOND. Being a Muay Thai practitioner..I do my best to not get too bulky to perform the techniques needed for me to perform my best in the sport I love. So I focus on endurance, strength and power. So CLA 1000, Whey Ultra-100, Protein IGF-1, Glutamine, BCAA Amino Grow , Mens Daily Multi Vit Pack, Hyperlean Two-in-One 
Catch Clint Brink Muay Thai fitness insert on SABC2 show EXPRESSO and on Etv soapie Scandal.

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