Unmasking Vuzu's Voice-Over Artist With The Best Lines On SA TV

Forget about Come Dine With Me and its Dave Lamb with his witty commentary. South Africa has its own voice-over artist whose voice is more famous than his name. You may not know the name Arye Kellman but if you watch Vuzu you most likely have laughed at one of his sharp lines atleast once on the channel.

This Arye guy is a riot and viewers love him! Like most people when I first heard him on the show I thought he was some black gay guy. 

Well, as you can see, the hilarious Mr Shhhhemm! is "of a fairer pigmentation"... #PoliticalCorrectnessAdheredTo. 

Mzansi, meet the white boy who sounds black;  Arye Kellman

Arye has done such a stellar job on VEntertainment, so well that I sometimes find myself muting the presenters and just wait for the news roundup insert. 

With his signature exclamation "Shemmmm" [which is a South African derivative of SHAME, predominantly used by blacks] at the end of his sentences,  Arye's witty commentary has become entrenched to the flow of Ventertainment. 

Yes ... what he says on the show is scripted but voice-over work is an art like acting and singing. One has to have that right attitude and timing to be able to deliver the punchlines to a desired effect. Arye does that brilliantly. 

He has essentially created a character that is now synonymous with the channel and show. Not surprising since Arye Kellman is a professional actor.

The former SABC 2 kids programme presenter is a University Of Witwatersrand alumni. He also passed his matric with a distinction in Drama. 

He is a prolific singer as well and was part of the “Once Upon A Life” musical production at Wits Theatre in February 2012.

It is his voice-over work on VEntertainment though that has caught my attention and I genuinely think he and Rethabile Ramaphakela carry the show. 

Well, now you can put the VOICE to the FACE ... or is it the other way round? Oh well... you get the point!!


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