VEntertainment Could Do Without The Presenters

Vuzu's flagship entertainment show is one of my feel good shows. Bad day... come 6pm... I skip the news and watch the show. Of late though, I have just had to give it a miss more often that I care to mention. The reason for my disinterest is the presenters. 

I have observed that I am not the only one who thinks the new presenters are a little too much even for a silly show like VEntertainment. 

Kudos to the channel and the show's producers for trying to bring in some new talent but haai, this aint working.

It has gotten so awkward that even the experienced pros on the show, Lala and Dineo, just seem out of place with all the gimmicky stuff.

How long can Lala carry on with that fake laugh?

Poor Dineo... gurl ... where do I even begin? With every episode I just think; YOU'VE OUTGROWN THIS.

Dineo exudes that classy confidence that is on par with the likes of Bonang and Pearl Thusi in this business. Watching her try to be funny on VEntertainment is like watching Sophie Ndaba trying to cry on cue.

All's not dim at VEtertainment. The show's format works, sans the jajaragness of Denise and that new boy. It works because the voice-over artists, Rethabile Ramaphakela and Arye Kellman, carry the show splendidly.

The show could work just as well, if not better, with just inserts and the voice-over narration. The captions they used to add on interviews with celebrities were a nice touch too. But that's gone.

I am a viewer and a fan first before I am a tv critic. As a fan, I think; Denise belongs on YOTV or Craze.

As tv critic, the new graphics look great, the show could pick up the pace a bit and the voice-over artists are a perfect fit.

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