Yonda Thomas To Star In The First Film Of ETV's Mzansi Love Series

e.tv’s is launching seven brand new dramas from the Mzansi Love series. Yes, they are back. Former Class Act contestant and now working  actor Yonda Thomas and DJ/actress Dineo Lusengo will star in the first one which is a romantic drama called Just Friends.

Great to see that some of the Class Act top 10 guys have now build careers for themselves as actors in this industry. It is refreshing to see former contestants on a talent show go on to actually have careers beyond the show.

Yonda has been somewhat of the breakout star of the show and has appeared on a few commercials and was the first of all the contestants to get a role on a soapie. He starred on Muvhango.

Safe to say, that since Class Act, Yonda, has been working.

 About Just Friends

Neo’s (Dineo Lusengo) childhood friend, Nceba (Yonda Thomas), is returning to South Africa and she can’t wait to see him. Expecting the awkward-looking boy she had grown up with, she is stunned to see a devastatingly handsome man, and the two immediately rekindle their friendship. But Nceba Has a British fiancée and Neo is struggling with a long-term, albeit lacklustre relationship. This time, their connection doesn’t seem so innocent. As they fight their passion for each other, Neo is dismayed to learn Nceba is investing in a business deal rife with negative implications for her community. As a social activist, she is forced to take him on. On opposite sides of the battle lines, can their chance at true love survive?

Catch Yonda and Dineo on Mzansi Love – Just Friends this Tuesday 6 May at 8:30PM. 

Viewers can also watch Mzansi Love in HD on the e.tv HD channel (channel 104) on OVHD.  OVHD is available at leading retail stores and include channel number.

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