3 Famous Television Homes

They are locations for some of the stories that have captivated us lately. We have seem these beautiful houses on our screen and witnessed some scandals and riveting plots unravel within their walls. Over time, these houses become more than just property, and in the minds of true fans of their respective shows, become far more than prime real estate but part of their dreams and goals. 

These locations have become iconic from the TV shows that made them famous. But where are they located?
  • Revenge Mansion

Grayson Manor on Revenge is one of the most coveted homes on television. From its sprawling grounds to its beachy backyard, this crib is one that dreams are made of .

The home is filled with West Indies-inspired ornaments, which are native to beach houses in The Hamptons, French doors, wainscoting (a type of panelling), and transom windows. Sadly, even f you had the cash, you won’t be able to visit the Grayson’s sprawling mansion, because it doesn’t exist! The entire place was created on a computer using the magic of Computer Generated Imagery. The coposition of the mini-palace was however modeled on actual estates in The Hamptons.
  • Isibaya Mansion

It has become one of the most famous residencies in South Africa thanks to the popularity of Mazansi Magic's telanovela-cum-soapie Isibaya. On the show the house is a home to Mpiyakhe Zungu but in reality the establishing shots for the Zungus' home were shot at taxi legend Godfrey Moloi’s mansion in Protea-Glen, Soweto.

The owner of the mansion, a self-made millionaire, former gangster, self-confessed thug, actor and musician Godfrey Fanyana Stan Moloi, who died in 1998, was known as the godfather of Soweto and is said to be the inspiration behind the show.
  • Wisteria Lane 

Well ... they are not really mansions but the houses on Wisteria Lane are just as famous as their fictional owners on the popular dramery, Desperate Housewives. The show may have ended after eight seasons but the memories of the lives of Gabrielle, Susan, Bree, Lynettte and Eddie will live on in tv history for eternity. 

 Unfortunately, Westeria Lane does not exist, though the houses do, sort of. The street and houses were built especially for the show. The set for Wisteria Lane is located inside Universal Studios Hollywood, and is actually named "Colonial Street," an area that has been used for many motion pictures and television shows.

While scene are actually shot in some of these houses, the buildings are actually not habitable. The houses are built in parts so as to accommodate the cameras during shooting. Some of the houses are just built as the front facade' to give an illusion of a home and the interior shots are done on stages. 

Other film and television productions in which 'Colonial Street' has featured include Buffy the Vampire. Slayer. 

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