Brutal Fruit Netball Cup Finals Experience

On Sunday my photographer Sizwe and I headed down to the capital city to watch the finals of the Brutal Fruit Netball Cup Finals. While we were fully aware that this was a professional tournament, our interest was more tilted towards the A-list tv stars that had signed on to be part of a celebrity charity match at the tournament to highlight the work that People Opposed to Women Abuse organisation does. 

Upon arrival at the hall where the tournament was held, it became apparent that my photographer and I had treaded into some new territory. The closest thing I have ever been a part of that was remotely associated with sport was the Nelson Mandela Sports Day and Concert. You can then understand my apprehension about this situation.

We arrived while the proceedings were already underway. Boity Thulo, who looked hella hot by the way, was the host for the afternoon and did a fairly good job. Some advice though, if Ms Thulo is ever to host an event of that magnitude again, she needs to work on engaging her audience. The auditorium was packed to capacity and at times it seems like she just popped out of nowhere and we just heard her voice without knowing exactly what was going on. 

Truth be told I did not pay much attention to the games as I had no idea what was going on. All I was waiting for was the celebrity match and in no time just after i arrived, the match was about to start. 

Boity announced the commencement of the celebrity match but unfortunately seemed to rush over the names of the celebrity guests. The few names that I could catch were the one that got the loudest cheers. Needless to say, every name that was associated with SABC1 had the crowd screaming their lungs. The star power of SABC1 neh...

Intersexion star, Khanya Mkhangisa, got the loudest roar from the crowd, but speaking of Khanya... the girl needs to seriously work on her PR manners. My thoughts were to just not mention her and leave the whole thing, but I like her so in am going to impart my 2 cent's worth of advice, and hopefully it would help her grow. 

While all the stars and even the guests who were not part of the event, like Society star Zandile Msutwana, were more tthan happy to take pictures for us, Khanya, who is possibly paid for her involvement with the event, refused. I am not in the habit of begging, my cameraman asked her, and I asked and just left it that. 

Mind you, the Minister of Sports Fikile Mbalula, posed for us. When I asked Ms Zinzi Mandela to come to the banner and take few pics for us, she politely asked for a few minutes and after that she came to the banner, waited in line for other people we had there to finish and she posed for us. Now ... I aint sayin Khanya is a diva, but if Zinzi Mandela can getup and pose for pics ...

Khanya has the potential to represent the next phase of stars when the current IT Girls fade out but if she does not keep her attitude in check that might just not happen. As someone who was always enamored by her smile and bubbly personality on screen, I was disappointed to realize that in reality there is a contrast. 

One star who needs no diva association is Luthando aka Loot Love. I have yet to have a conversation with her but boy does this girl exude class and coolness in bucket loads. The is a Rihanna-esque rebellious streak about her but once you take time to observe her you realise she is just a reserved cool kid who is not phased by all this attention. 

Back to the match, the celebrities were put in two opposing teams. Gotta tell ya ... that Jena Dover girl could easily have a career in netball if acting and modelling does not workout for her. She pranced around that court like a pro. 

The ever sweet Pearl Thusi on the other hand seemed to do more talking than playing ball. that is one girl who understands that fans make you a star. She soaked up the spectators' adoration like a kid. She was blowing kisses and engaging with fans every time she came out onto the court. Total pro. 

Poor Vuzu stars, if I was not told that Lalla Hirayama and Dineo Moeketsi were part of this match I would not have known that they were there. The DSTV stars including Eda Rose and the Brutal Fruit Ambassodor, DJ Pru seemed to fade on to the background as the welfare tv stars took centre stage amid spectator support. 

I only saw Lerato Kganyago in pictures, I did not even think she showed up and I got a glimpse of Zizo Beda as she was leaving. 

On the bleachers, cheering the stars on were some familiar faces like Arthur Mafokate and Mzwakhe Mbuli. Also in attendance was Siyabonga Ngwekazi, whom I assume was there to support his rumoured lady Boity.

Also on the VIP bleachers were government dignitaries who came to support the Honorable Minister Fikile Mbalula's initiative. 

All in all the event turned out to be a fun outing. I have to give some shout out to the Supersport team. What a bunch of good people they are. I kinda wondered at some point if it is a prerequisite of the job to be a nice person before you can hired at Supersport. 

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