Did You Know These Celebrities Are Black?

Well ... half black, one of their biological parents is black, which would make them bi-racial. The reason why these stars appear on this list is that, if you did not ask, you would not know that they are actually half black.

  • Kris Humphries
Yeah the guy who is famous for his 72 days marriage to Kim Kardashian  is actually half black and white. So don't you complain that Kim strayed from her love of chocolate brothas when she hooked up with him. Kris Humphries is a brotha too. Kris’s mother, who is caucasian, is of German descent and his father is African American. 

  • Mariah Carey

While Mariah Carey may seem to forget a lot of where she comes from when it comes to manners and being nice to us “common folk,” one thing she has always been proud of is her unique familial blood line. Her father was of African American and Venezuelan ethnicity while her mother is of white Irish descent.

  • Daniel Sunjata
Wouldn’t you think Daniel Sunjata’s golden skin tone and fine hair screams Latino? Well actually, Daniel is half African American and half Caucasian.
  • Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller has that whole rugged Caucasian guy thing down pact, but there is more to him than meets the eye. Miller was born in England to a black father and a white mother. His family later relocated to Brooklyn, NY where Wentworth was raised.
  • Meghan Mackle
Meghan Mackle has her biracial roots to thank for that stunning bone structure. That’s right, the “Suits” actress has an African American mother and a white father.
  • Jordin Sparks
Jordin Sparks is normally pegged for being Hispanic, but Sparks is really half Caucasian and half African American.
  • Pete Wentz

Fall Out Boy drummer Pete Wentz has a Jamaican grandfather, and a pretty cool one at that! Wentz’s grandfather was cousin to General Colin Powell and the US Ambassador to Sierra Leone.

And there is Vin Diesel ...

When accepting his star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Diesel talked about his struggles with breaking into the industry as a youngster because of his cultural background that "consists of African American ancestry".
“When I was in my mother’s stomach, it was still illegal in parts of America for people of color and white people to procreate,” said the actor. 
“Everyone had known me just as a bouncer in New York because I wasn’t able to get any work. There was something too ambiguous about the way I looked that would prevent me from ever getting a star. [But] as my daughter says, ‘Dreams do come true,’” explained the celeb.
While the star has always identified himself as bi-racial, an investigation into his linage revealed that the man he called his father was not actually his biological father. The black man who raised him met his mother after he was born and his biological father has never been identified.  
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