Dineo's Diary Returns For A Third Season

Dineo Ranaka had already shared the news on Twitter about the return of her reality show on Vuzu. This morning the channel officially confirmed the news via a press release. 

 Press Release: 

In the first season we saw reality diva Dineo take on her new world without radio, finding her feet was important and in the second season we went through the tough journey of her being a single mom, conflict and her adjustment to problems she had no idea how to conquer.
After a dramatic health scare that ended season 2, Dineo is ready to move on and focus on the positive in her life. First things first, LuvDR  is doing well with their brand new offices and an awesome deal featuring Dineo as the face of Legit. With her new boyfriend and business partner, Vincent, Dineo is ready to own her own space on TV by becoming a 100% solo executive producer. New house, new offices, new business and new rules in Dineo’s life.
Dineo says “I am ecstatic about having my reality show on Vuzu for a third season. I am also nervous because it is hard to maintain success on TV. You can never know the formula to keeping people inspired all the time. I always ask myself what did I do to keep the cameras rolling? ”.
With Dineo’s Diary back on the screen she promises to show some new faces and her growth in the industry as a fashion designer, and not to mention the new love of her life.
“I really have kept the show consistent. I want people to make their own conclusion about my relationships and not from elsewhere. Viewers are in for a treat and will definitely have to watch the show to find out what really happens in my life” Dineo says.
Catch  Dineo Ranaka's return with Dineo's Diary on Vuzu on the 20th June at 19:00.

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