Ladies Who Rule TV In 2014

They are fierce, bold, sexy, scandalous and captivatingly rule the television world right now ... and we love them for it. There has been a resurgence of strong female lead characters on screen of late. Actresses are taking centre stage as audience pullers with hit shows. 

Sophia Vergara of Modern Family topped the list of highest earning TV actors in 2013. She beat out Ashton Kutcher for the number one spot with a staggering R300 million year earning thanks to her hit sitcom pay and slew of endorsements.

Vergara was not alone, Two And A Half Men's Kelly Couco, The Good Wife's Jullianna Marguilles,  Law & Order 's Mariska Hargitay, Tina Fey (30 Rock) , Melissa McCarthy (Mike and Molly) and Ellen Pompeo of Grey's Anatomy, all made the TOP 20 list. 

The women on this list, though they might not have made the Forbes List or even earn close to what those aforementioned ladies earn, they still kept us glued to our screens and have reinvigorated the role of women on the small screen by keeping as entertained this past year. 
  • The Bitch 

Dawn Matthews as Shakira Nyathi on Scandal,
Mathews has played the intelligent and devious Shakira for a while now. The stunning actress is the one person viewers love to hate on the show. As Shakira,  will do practically anything to get what she wants and to build herself up. Her marriage to Daniel Nyathi (Sello Maake ka-Ncube) is one of convenience. She wormed her way back into the editorship position at NFH yet again.

Now she is in trouble with the law but instead of just accepting her comoupence, our devious diva has concocted yet another plan to avoid taking responsibility for her action, not that we want her to anyway. Can you imagine Shakira in that awful prison uniform? Nope... orange would definitely not be her color. Totes!!
  • The Leader
Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope on Scandal -The Fixer
The feminist movement has had no better torch bearer on television in recent years than Olivia Pope. While Kerry Washington had already proven her acting prowess both on television and films in the US, it's her role as Ms Pope that has catapulted her to great heights of admiration the world over. 

Women all over the world swoon over her fashion style, but Olivia Pope is way more than that. She is confident, strong,"legendary" and knows the ins-and-outs of D.C. political power brokers. Snappy fast-paced dialogue, intense story lines and soap elements intertwined with political intrigue makes Kerry Washington's portrayal of OP a pleasure to watch. 
  • The Fashionista
Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson on Suits
Jessica Pearson is the consummate professional, hard-charging, no-nonsense managing partner at Pearson Hardman Specter law firm in New York City, Gina plays Jessica with such furnace. She does not get as much attention as Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope, but she can hold her own. 

For this list, she is here because of the clothes. Have you seen the dresses and suits that woman wears on the show? Yerrr... who said classy can't be sexy? Don't take my word for it, just check out her fsahion battle with Kerry Washington HERE.
  • The Matriarch
Thembi Nyandeni as Mkabayi Zungu on Isibaya, Mzansi Magic
A television veteran with decades of experience behind her, it is no surprise that Thembi Nyandeni was able to find that anchor for this character and ran with it. In her Royalty Soapie Award nominated role Thembi plays the pugnacious, abrasive, tough-talking matriarch of the family in KwaZulu-Natal, who moves into a more high-profile public and political position in the business after her brother deals with his "Zombie issues".  
Thembi as Mkabayi does not suffer fools. She is sassy, smart and will bravely take on any adversary, if needs be. 

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