New Season Of Screen Time ... Same Ol' Faces ... And Story

Screentime with Nicky Greenwall is back for a third season and the show is filled with same old faces we see interviewed on other channels. In what I personally consider baffling, the new season of Screentime continues to ignore the new talent that their host channel is showcasing but follows the redundant trend of promoting IT girls, who happen to be SABC stars.

In this new season of Screentime, Nicky features interviews with DJ Lulo Cafe, singer-songwriters Jimmy Nevis and Jesse Clegg, singer Nandi Mngoma, rapper Jack Parow, actress Lesley-Anne Brandt, actor Hlomla Dandala, actress Amanda Du Pont, comedians Siv Ngesi, Stuart Taylor and Kurt Schoonraad and TV personalities Dineo Moeketsi, Lerato Kganyago, Phat Joe, 'Khabodacious' and Nonhle Thema to name a few.
Nokuthula Ledwaba

Says Nicky Greenwall, executive producer and host of Screentime: 
“I'm so pleased that has given us another opportunity to showcase local entertainers. We're very proud of these shows and so happy that audiences are responding so well to them.” 
“Audiences have very strong feelings about our guests. Our objective has always been to allow the guest to address any of the issues audiences most want to know about. We don't shy away from the 'elephant in the room.”
In the first episode Lerato Kganyago will be joined by rapper/actor Psyfo.

As a tv critic I am happy that etv is willing to embrace all talent in the industry regardless of channel affiliation. As a realist, I am shocked that etv would completely ignore the talent on their own platform to promote talent from their competition. 

Seriously. What could Lerato Kganyago share with Nicky that we haven't read or heard before? The same can be said about most of the stars who will be featured on the show. 

One would have thought etv would give its own stars some screen time to promote their shows and careers, given that mainstream media is ignoring them.

When last did you see anyone from etv on a magazine cover. Better yet, have you seen any of the etv presenters and soap stars on any of the SABC magazine shows?

Masasa Mbangeni was just nominated for a SAFTA. Do you know who she is? I bet not, because the media is not writing articles about stars like her because they are not on SABC 1. Forget the fact that she is a remarkable actress with an inspirational story — and has taken a small role on Scandal, made it her own and is now a pivotal force in the fictional newsroom of The Voice. 

What about Nokuthula Ledwaba? She has been with Rhythm City for almost 8 years, is loved by millions of tv viewers, is gorgeous but is completely ignored. Nokuthula hardly ever appears on any tv shows or magazine covers.  You would think shows like Screen Time on her channel would be giving her some support — but  NOPE !!

Masasa Mbangeni
There are always new faces on Rhythm City, which is a great thing, but if we do not give these actors some exposure beyond the show, they will never be A-list celebrities who can attract endorsements and up their earnings. 

If channels like etv continue to ignore new talent on their own platform and fall on the band wagon of pushing stars like Boity, Bonang, Amanda Du Pont, Lerato Kganyago, Dineo Moeketsi, etc ... who are stars associated with other channels and are already over exposed in the media, we will never have growth in this industry. And the yawnfest of same faces all the time will continue. 

What is this obsession our industry has with SABC1? You can work extensively in this business, you can win accolades and be loved by millions of tv viewers but unless you are on an SABC1 show, regardless of whether people watch it or not  — only then will you be considered an A-lister.

The show is called Screen Time, for heaven's sake... show me Zikhona Sodlaka, she starred in Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom — the most talked about film out of SA recently.

There is Junior Singo, the only black actor in this country who can actually call himself a movie star and getaway with it.

There are so many talented people the show could pull from in this industry who are not getting attention from mainstream media like these IT Girls but are known to the public and continue to do well in this business. Give them a chance.
I am very disappointed that Nicky Greenwall Productions continues to be given a platform by Etv and still fails to have some unique impact on the industry. I expect things to be as they are at the SABC but with etv, I tend to hold them to a higher standard because they have the freedom to actually make a difference in this industry.

Come now, Nicky Greenwall, you have been with etv for a long time now. It is time to be bold and actually have an impact!!! You not going to do that if you rely on Twitter and Drum magazine for material. There are stars beyond those platforms in this industry — you know.   

3rd season of Screentime premieres on Tuesday, 10 June at 8PM. 

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