Noluthando Meje Joins Isidingo

Singer, actress and television presenter, Noluthando Meje (Nqayi), best known as a Top 12 finalist on the second season of the M-Net reality competition Idols, in 2003 and Top 16 on its Seventh season in 2011, may have fin ally hit her big break in the industry. Meje joined the show as part of the new family, The Zondiles. 

The family, which originates from the Eastern Cape, moved to Horizon Deep to pursue a better life. They represent a working class family and their daily lives play out the hardships and challenges faced by ordinary South Africans.

The Zondiles are a young family unit consisting of a husband, wife and son. Meje plays the wife. 

The mother and father move to the Deep from Port Elizabeth to seek better opportunities for the family. Unfortunately the son remained in Port Elizabeth as the Zondiles could not afford for him to accompany them on their journey.
“The exciting introduction of the Zondiles will add a new element to the social fabric of Isidingo as many viewers will relate to the characters who are played by two wonderful actors Jet Novuka and Noluthando Nqayi. There is no doubt that this creates exiting new storytelling opportunities in Horizon Deep.” stated Sivan Pillay, Endemol’s Managing Director.
Many South African households are confronted with personal and financial difficulties. The Zondile family characterise the working class citizen, the ‘man-in-the-street’ fighting to survive.
They bring to life the daily struggles which many face as they seek financial freedom while battling with unemployment and the high cost of living. Something many of our viewers can relate to. “This is an extremely important issue as it is socially relevant and many viewers will relate to this, a point that Isidingo has maintained throughout its long history on SA television” concludes Pillay.
Noluthando as Zukiswa Zondile is marred to Sizwe Zondile played by Jet Novuka and they currently live in a rented shack.

Isidingo airs weekdays on SABC 3 at 19h30.

SIDENOTE: There has been a bit of confusion over Nolly's surname. She is using Meje on social media platform but is billed at Nqayi on press releases. 

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